7/13 Salica’s Saturday

💯😎 I told a customer “I will have an hour of sunlight to enjoy when we close.” I was right… Storms rolled in around 2230 and I was off and hour prior. 😎💯

Salica’s Saturday

Knife to see you!

Plus being whacked and predicted something, heh perhaps it was me! Heh hold back the rain, Lady Death… Oh hello T-Storm. Cap off the one beautiful day after a week of rains, of course and in the next county over is flooded. We’ll, see, the memes await, but seriously this was scary on how accurate it was.

I casually told a customer around 1900ish

“I will have an hour of sunlight to enjoy when we close.”

I was right… Storms rolled in around 2230 and I was off and hour prior, well that works for me. I like me some Palm Bay, Lady Death! Let’s have a whole lot of cheers because ya know when a double edged sword settles for the duties of a butter knife. I don’t make threats, I make promises and you know what happens when I go all on desiring something. I want it, and I will fight to get it. I had some quality time with the clowder, though I still do miss Coal!

That’s it! Let’s put our admin skills and make one, interview in no time! No problem, I want it and I have sold. Through the Hiring Process, though I was never as compelled to move forward than I am at this time. Damn straight I studied and stayed in school, and some still think I am still in school, naw, but I looked the same for about a decade. It was like Tuck Everlasting, I drink & no more aging. There is a surprisingly little amount that people really know about me, oh no and people forget more. I was around my current workplace a long time, and perhaps I was in school studying before you became my boss, still working and switching my availability as needed because I was focused on what I could do for you. I believe I was open, and somewhat looking because I went to school for it and before anyone forgets that I want to advance my career. I wanted to advance, however I feel extremely stunted. Why shall I limit myself? Oh, does my healthcare training hurt you? I have ambition in healthcare, how does that surprise you as I often make it a centerpiece of conversations? Do you truly want me to succeed? Are you even interested? You claim to be a positive cheerleader; I may respectfully challenge your standards.

Ya know, I have seen cheerleaders, some great and get you going, so basically what they were supposed to do and then there are the drearleaders to count on for taking the cheer out of the game and you simply feel worn out and almost even so disempowered that you want to look elsewhere. Even still, you say it wouldn’t be hard to persuade a person to jump positions they were loyal to, but it begs the question on whether it is something you’d want to be loyal to in the first place. Like, you can’t even be complacent anymore because the reality sucks. If I had been pushed out, it has been recently. I just had this sudden urge to update all my Interesting, well I don’t care anymore I’m not fighting anymore, I’m just trying to make it the best it could be in this situation and simply move on. It was destined to happen, I planned my exit now I see the exit and I’m making the necessary maneuvers to transition over towards my passion, but don’t get me wrong. I am very passionate in my work, but if I was to be honest, my passions are in healthcare.

They say never to play with fire, which is why I pity the fool that find it wise in toying with my burning passions.


Party me harty. It works of course, but only if you’re sharp. Very sharp, I have new opportunity elsewhere. Shall I go against this advice to make something better of myself? It shall be like talking to yourself in regards to Me, Myself and I. Though, the principles change when they have minds and can create own thoughts.

I gotta buy me some Palm Bay… Cut this thinking with the drinking. Doctors say thats never the best way to cope. Actually, it isn’t a good way to cope, though its a great way to celebrate!

Sometimes they card me at the place sometimes not… Same dudes I swear, I used to go there occasionally as my go-to place… Dude mopping the floor looked dumbfounded, granted, it was a while since I was there and they since switched owners. Whatever, now I guess not only at the till but the floor too, it was then the dude at the liquor store be asking for ID like “Excuse me, can I see your ID?”

Me: *pulls it out*

Worker in the floor follows up with “You look 16…” (granted, it is 🔞 in my area)

Me: Ah, nice try but here you are. *shows ID*

Time for…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun



🗡 Shanks For Stabbing By 🗡

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