7/19 Friendly Friday

Diverge About
Watch for signs as directions in life can be more difficult to navigate than a simple “fork in the road.” When changing directions, you may change speeds, be sent on a loop, diverge + merge or even climb the stacks.

👥☕ Friendly Friday ☕👥

In a world where innovation meets every corner in society, solutions are readily sought out to be made available for all. It may seem impossible, but they say that “impossible” is only two letters away from possible. You never know where tomorrow takes you, but you have an idea and build towards it. Simply, it could be the smallest things that make the biggest impact. Perhaps, as we all know it is the foundation to which provides structure and without it, we are sure to crumble. Why only dream when you can achieve?

It begs a question, what have you done lately to build upon yourself? Have you actually taken the time for yourself or do you simply overwhelm yourself to which stopping before you’re spent in angst as it shrouds you with immense pressure. For example, learning something new… I make the effort to learn something new each day. We must never settle at “good enough” as we can quickly become complacent followers. Where are my trailblazers at? Also, crazier still but picture this, if you will, infrastructure that can repair itself in a similar fashion as our ability to heal. I do believe that self-repairing infrustructure that will be among the most used technology given a few decades’ time. We have made dramatic improvements to our structures themselves, and even robotics has come a long ways. Perhaps alongside our nanobot scanners will be tiny 3D printers driven remotely via the AI program. If it is anyone’s business, Pillar Systems is the destination. Let’s improve the System, one Pillar at a time!


An interchange is a crucial part of a roadway system. Effectively, there are different types of interchanges with benefits to each. I have designed this freeway interchange which connects two freeways togethe. Using a circular design, this one features completely free flowing traffic in all directions, several ramps, a usable center and only 4 small bridges. Inspiration for this build came from a combination of the modern roundabout, diverging diamond, and the Pinavia Interchange. I wanted to create a relatively simple design that can handle a lot of traffic. Since the traffic flow generally desires to turn left, or go clockwise, I have decided to do diverging ramps to create the grade separation for opposing traffic to then have it merge from the outside lane into the center, and simply exit at the appropriate ramp. Yes, I did plus you can go like a bat out of fell… Well, wherever it shall be, it is a detour from the path towards abuse

I was brainstorming some ideas, hehe brainstorm area 51. They say they have deadly force but bright ideas never die. So plant yourself here and let’s grow together. They can’t get us!

🙃🤔 EASSNC • News 🤔🙃

Alright, for all who are aware, apparently SNC-Lavallin have poisoned the well. It is beyond infamous; according to news, even the CEO recently decided to retire. Lawyers representing this company opted for a judge only hearing. What was it this time? Bribery! Too great, can only see where this is going now, Canada is banking on it.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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