8/19 Medical Monday

Life screenshot: transitioning careers.

What life feels like right now…

Transition Thursday

Exiting one path to merge in a new direction


It is surreal but it is really happening! It was once regarded as a threat – that it is actually happening, I’m not one to threaten anyone, I will however realize my promises but hey… They say working in retail, 5 years working a part time in retail in the same place is a long time. But hey, I was there longer than most, wanted to get promoted and promised many more years in the company. I took it serious as a potential career path as I found the experience rewarding and I enjoy my team. I have had very few problems overall, though the ones I had would be cause for many to simply leave. I was unfairly treated – as in not selected for the position for a bogus reason. Like, you had to point at the board with your yardstick and say “You do not meet the standard on some of these points.” In a condescending tone… I was taken back but only in how much the words can make your head turn and raise your eyebrows like you can’t be serious but I cannot really call her out on it. I don’t want to sound unprofessional but when the pot calls the kettle black then it is to stand up and

They wanted someone with open availability and administrative credentials? Well I also have nearly 5 years working in your store. I have seen many different leadership styles and experienced times in which our store was cream of crop and when it was scraping the bottom… five years flew quickly. I had been there while I was going through school, then again and the last couple years were relatively free. They didn’t want me, okay shoot yourself in the foot because one of your top staff was offered opportunities elsewhere with half the commute and pay increase. Alberta Health Services is a very versitile employer with many opportunities to advance, and

Salica Saturday

I have voices in in my head and I know why

I tried to die

I can’t tell you why

I’m a double edge sword filling the duties of a butter knife

Reject the strife

Go live your life!


Sum Sunday

Plus it has been a long time since I have posted, but I’m at a pivotal point, and sports fans may say its the TSN Turning Point or for those who say that life is a highway – then I’m on an interchange.

I got offered a part time temporary position at Westview Long Term Care (LTC) and I am beyond words on how exciting it is to actualize the moment. Someone who has hopes and dreams are going to lead a life biased towards hopes and dreams. Those without hopes and dreams are easy to control. Those without their own hopes and dreams settle with working towards someone else’s efforts. I’m not going to let my career path be questioned by questionable people. Life is too short to stop and settle for complacency, but I am not going to bleed myself dry on fruitless endeavors. I’m moving on to a place where it would be more conductive to returning to gain more credentials as now I will be working in the heart of my passions.

Medical Monday

Going through… Living the scrub life now.

Night shift nurse

Keeping ’em alive

Till 7:05


Nursing Attendant meh, close enough but it sounds like I will be working the night shift, well isn’t that interesting? πŸ’― goals is when you’re doing that thing you wanted to do for a very long time! Been pulling Aces and this is only adding to my hand! Resegnation letter in one and acceptance in another. Alberta Health is a versatile employer with plenty of opportunities for career development. They saw the value I presented them and I’m ready for an exciting and rewarding career!

β˜•Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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