9/24 Sum Sunday

⬆➕⬇ Sum Sunday ⬇➕⬆

Oh boy, has it ever been some Sunday alright. I had a day off and spent time with my fiancé and I got to meet more of his family which was nice, and they are more than accepting of me and accommodating of me while at the lake lot. Was nice and I had a blast today. Nice break from everything, and I’m feeling fresh even though I smell of campfire. What a time to be alive; me myself and I all had a treat!


Overall, been good at AHS though been steep learning curve. You work with all kinds and some well are a bit more challenging to work with than others. Let’s just say that some promote unsafe practice in the workplace while others straight up think I can do 5 things at once. Well, okay… I appreciate your feedback but if you keep telling me I’m slow then get me to do the not so glory work, then hmm well, oh and also set me up for MSI or condoning unsafe procedure.. There’s a problem. I’m not backing down even though I had people think I was still a student… Was here as one 3 years ago, a bit rusty but hey I’m getting the swing of things. I’m taking iniative, and some are impressed with this and I’m teachable but more than willing to stand ground. I’m here now and I’m picking up more hours. I am notorious for that, if they are giving hours then I can take those hours. I can work it and I can have fun in doing that. I will find a way and if something is in the way than the way can be rearranged at will. Okay yeah some other workers were fantastic though and really make me feel in my element. I see how this is, also, residents like me so some may say this is a plus. I pulled a 12 hour and picked up yet another full shift (8.25 hr) I’m crazy but it takes one to know one. Oh yes let’s work 6 days in a row one day off work another 5. I’m a double edge sword, so when times get dull then back to the grind! I’m no longer filling out the duties of a butter knife, as it takes a certain kind to work the duties of Nursing Attendant (NA) and well, I’m sharp and I make the cut.


Pick up more hours and boom payday was nice. Nice stack, could replenish a bit of my emergency fund as I had a heath scare on one of my cats. After waking up to texts from Molemy that it looked like my cat’s insides are coming out. You gotta be kitten me and we took days catching the cat and when we did not many vets other than the emergency one in the City of Champions were open. Holiday, go figure and they charge big bucks and they really don’t do much and its costing pretty penny like I mean and they triage you in and you’re literally waiting all day. Well…. It was Anal Prolapse and I’m not sure on how many would spend over a grand on a barn kitty but I do because I love them them that much. I have loved these cats more than myself and at times these cats are bigger than life. This once feral cat adores me now and is such a love kitty with purrs and endless rubbing on alternate legs, holy what a stark difference than when we had to trap her in what we called her den with a live animal trap. Before she would jump off 10′ deck with her guts hanging than get within 10′ but now she comes to you more than willingly. All the more reasons to call them my grand kitties. They bring me…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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