11/3 Sum Sunday

🗡🎃11/3 Sum Sunday ➕😎

👹👿Trick or Treatment👿👹

Isn’t that what the doctor ordered?! Well she was out because I was here bobbing for apples. You know what they say about the doctor’s relationship with the apple? Supposed to be a sign of a good time, good health and ugh no trips to the doctor. Well, some fantasize over the trek and maybe even bug yourself into a visit with the expert and with each one, they may say thanks for coming and that the answer is simple. Since you are in the book, we may as well take a look! Mnahhhh well doesn’ that bug you? I give a Betelgeuse vibe eh? Well, they say I am apples or maybe even the apple to your eye. Well, that is great but are you willing to die?


Mnahhhh I fantasize for you “Dr. J”. You may think that my acts are wrong but gotta have reason for the season… Like a drug… Tizz Mnahhhh in fact I will deprive myself of the apples take a knife shower just so you can dress me! Oh yes, dressy messy mummy hunny now you are just being sweet.

Had an incident at work and it really was a world of hurt. Well, I was in my chiropractor for my normal visit and because I wanted to document the incident too. Let’s cut to the chase, but it was more or less subluxation that had this hippy looking a bit to tragically hip. Mnah Dr. Mills ain’t your run of the mill either, mnahh good chat and it ALWAYS ends with the best crack. Who can complain anyways?

Sickly sweet might I add. There may be more to 4NeonFun than what meets the eye, and oh they say some are bad because they banned well….. It ain’t because our only jam is the band substance let’s make some ear rock noise pollution! HeeHaw!


Mnahhhh so trick or treat. The thing that is over fright is the laced candy. But come on, terrible business idea is to give to children…. Most don’t want it and chances are will get tossed, and even if it did get taken how can you tell that they will remember your house? Kids go several 💯homes then finish when either told to by parents, get tired because it gets late or your bag gets too heavy. Time to go home, chances are it is a school night and yes you do get to have candy for lunch the next day because that was how we roll but it basically was normal and they only said like a couple little snack bars each day…. Well at this rate will be set until next year or at least Easter…. Or maybe I still to this day have old candy kicking around as a relic to yesteryears of trick or treats!

Let’s face it…. Turns out more are in town now or even at the mall… Rural celebration is kinda dying as we become a nanny state with more emphasis on laziness as many aren’t so much even as willing to walk the distance for a free chocolate bar… Much less even think calories speaking it ain’t good but normally are not rewarded this sweetly for walking a mile (or several) in another person’s shoes.


Interesting point here more for investigation here but the impacts of drugs on the individual mnahhh they say it may vary on body composition, gender, metabolism rate to the weight! Oh wait DID I just say that DID I just go there? DID I just make a psychology joke? That is rich, because that is positive! Swish…. Ok your turn On and let’s cut to the chase because I am a double edge sword filling the duties of a butter knife. I like the new career at hospital, its a real gig, not a faker all dressed as legit… No shrouds to behold and much less smoke and mirrors take this scene. It is a career rather than simply work to pay the way and hey, that is more than OK. Having capacity is a privelage and many may see the frusteration of the inability to function at the capacity that a select few can master. I refuse to have my intelligence questioned by those with questionable intelligence.


More from my brother, let’s just call him the Mole. We live different lives but I over recently to assist with festivities and we may have gotten carried away. No matter, it was time well spent and it was quite the visit. Salica has been quite active and some may become startled with the rapid and extreme change in demeanor. They (being the Mole and his friends) say drugs that induce dissociation have different thresholds with an inverse relationship to efficacy and higher intelligence values. I was willing to be an observer to their studies and more trials with larger sample sizes in relation to psychotrophic and neuraltrophic agents. Results are inconclusive as they relay the use in experimental fields. Though, there is support for another secton in our hypotheses. The main variable which may be at play here is how having multiple personalies and even occasionally even naturally dissociating into the alternates that are me, myself and I. Support is that even when there is no past history of use or tolerances, an individual with high cognitive function as well as those who have MPD/DID will require higher doses than average towards achieving the same desired effect. In addition to this, onset and latency times are also affected. As more activity means more sites by which more active ingredients to activate a similar portion to induce similar effect. To which there is more clinical significance to these alerts and how each may respond to treatment. In medicine, this may open a Pandora box in how we may interact with and ultimately treat those suffering with a variety of mental health concerns. But for now, have plenty of…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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