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Your most intimate connections can come from the least expected of places.
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👥 Twosday 👥

🗣Allow me to preface by saying that the title was not typed in error. There may come forth a new way of enunciating the word “Tuesday”. A celebration for your partner, to celebrate a new way of thinking. Find someone who will be your partner, as it is best suited for someone whom you share close connections. Then, engage with the other by practicing mindfullness and utilize cognizance as a tool in your transformation.

How does it work ⁉

Now, I must place a disclaimer here and say that the purpose of the article is educative/explorative in nature. These exercises work chiefly towards strengthening your interpersonal connections with those you find the most significant in your life. Take a few breaths while considering your list of people. The list doesn’t have to be exhaustive for it to be effective, however there are several qualities to consider while composing your selection. Your list can include close friends, family, relatives, etc., but for a variety of reasons, selecting your life partner is often times the most appropriate given the nature of these activities. Often times, certain attributes might appear to occupy more of your mental real-estate than others, these are often significant for one reason or another and should be noted. Next, ask yourself if you personally feel if anything you have listed has since become distant regardless on whether or not you are willing to accept the drift. If you are unwilling to accept certain truths such as relationship fallout, consider the underlying cause(s). Does the relationship feel real and personal to you? If not, ask yourself about your options you have towards making it feel more personal and real. Lifestyle factors can affect relationships and in many instances can prove as indicators towards predicting the liklihood that it will continue to be stable long term. You should consider the type of relationship you have and experience unending trust towards your partner, and allow them to connect with you on a new level. Work towards letting go of the past and that of the future and commit to living in the moment and allow the interactions you experience to become memorable.

🗣Depersonalization & Derealization occur in relationships.
To safeguard yourself, practice mindfulness and be present in the moment. Allow your goals to extend beyond purely selfish intentions. Instead, focus on that of your partner and to the connection. You are both present in the moment and, devoted towards something transcendental.

You may even select yourself, for instance, when you desire to strengthen your personal relationship. Take my example as you will, as that is the intention for this case and, precisely the ultimate goal. Having a healthy intrapersonal relationship is considered to be the most important of all rationale. All components of relationships should be in harmony, as healthy relationships tend to coalesce. As such, I have decided that for all intents and purposes that I have decided that in this case, it is perhaps best to look inwards. In doing this, you assign both components to the system which further amplifies the desired effects within. Today, this article is written over the course of the day as to not interfere with today’s festivities. It has become rather enjoyable – to take part in preparation for Christmas – rather than simply allow it to pass by without interaction.

It appears that this system is truly in need of considerable care. Which is the chief reasoning behind the decision has presented this case as “withdrawn” as the host of the system no longer wishes to be a part of it. It is already showing signs of impacting overall quality of life. [See: our revised meaning – me, myself, and I] It is certainly a struggle in conducting life as a multiple, not because the construct itself presenting as problematic, but rather not having others be understanding and accepting of you regardless. Rather, too often others will detrat to using a label to identify and categorize you under their pre-concieved notions. Many suggest you are fragmented for simply developing a proverbial fork in the road of reaching developmental milestones. It isn’t a hinderance but rather a superposition though it is also seen as the former as there are deviations from what is understood and expected. Though occasionally it may be considering the possibility of varying opinions & intentions during decision-making, proving difficult to reach a consensus. Lest we forget the various accommodations that were often overlooked towards the ability to function at optimal capacity. It is often, (and misguidingly so), suggested the only suitable course of action is to be rid of the alternate states of consciousness by way of forced integration, it is damaging to say the least how this pigeonhole of an outlook can impact interpersonal relations. As indicated, it is likely to pose a threat to my name and to the integrity of the system. Such a fusion is poised to ultimately render the system instable, which is not in the system’s best interests.  Instead, it is best to resolve all components towards functioning cohesively as a team.

Knowing this is concerning as it mirrors several warning factors. Seeing as it is hallmarked in many undesirable outcomes, which are best to be avoided. In a sense, you may even consider this a method of intervention for the system as current modes are not conductive towards optimal functionality. The most intimate relationships can come from the least expected of places. So, accepting the outreach also means to accept the catalyst towards what many would easily say is the most important relationship of all, the one from within.

Take care and make the most of your holiday season by having plenty of…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

Whether you look at yourself through a black and white lens or view the world through the full spectrum
It is all a matter of perspective.

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