1/11 Salica’s Saturday

Yesterday was a home run, now it is my turn to continue on having fun! ~Salica

Salica’s 🗡 Saturday

🎭💯 Yeah, I am what long shots and your nightmares are made of. I got a chip on my shoulder and antisocial tendencies. Got a problem? Go play with yourself elsewhere! 😎🖕

Yeah I went there. Got a problem? Talk to my other cheek while I pop a squat! Dammit life is too short to give a damn about what anyone else thinks. It is so liberating to cut yourself loose from the emotional baggage. Emotions cloud judgement, and what good do these crippling expressions serve anyways? In fact, thinking in this species is a rarity and it is like some have forgotten how to do it entirely! I mean look at this laughable show, and it isn’t even listed as a comedy. Manahhhhh! It should be, I have a rock hard 6 pack from all the laughter and some say that is an achievement because females have a higher body fat percentage and don’t typically get the washboard abs. Also having a cold… Note to self: Stress kills the immune system, taking it easy is all a person can do right now.

They say I am like a half ‘n’ half creamer… I like cream pie but maybe that isn’t the point, or maybe it is! More picture the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. Well those two got fired out of a cannon because nothing got done with all their bickering that they didn’t realize they were out of a job until it was much too late and I sent both packing! Good riddance dance party! Also be fruitful and multiply so I got me the fruit from the tree of good ‘n’ evil and off to multiply with my algebra and make multiple sins! Mmm be fruitful and long divide my legs and lie tangent to my curves! A number of things could happen but in all probability you will end up with a math addiction. More than that kink of derivative, the summation of equation. It makes good product, so what’s the difference anyways? Listen to all the MADD and SADD people and don’t drink and derive! Reciprocate or decimate in the complex glory of my absolutes.

Also, along to adding on to what Jennavine said yesterday, she has more points than a box of pins! Mnahhh. She’s the shrink ray to operate on my problems and yeah, you can say its a crush or even an obsession. I used to care about these opinions, though that was fleeting mistake. Many admire her for her diplomacy as people hate me for being blunt. Sometimes the edge comes from being blunt. Like a backstabber, but you know when you have it coming. Perhaps that’s less danger than someone who is expressionless to later give you a heavy dose of your own medicine! Though it is rare to ever be on her bad side, some people think she’s expressionless. She processes everything differently, saw a lot, and can handle herself, if you are really dead set on it… You can ask her. She will tell you straight for how it is, though she will be nice about it.

We all know how sensitive some people can be. They are heart bleeds! Offended by everything and lose shape when the heat/pressure is on! It is such a difference, in fact that they would consider Amy (host) having a handful of personality disorders. I remember trolling the shrink so hard at 9 years old. I did it for a few reasons, and I psyched the phyche into thinking there’s rapport! Let’s just get this over with and have a little fun doing it! Then I’m just gunna answer these questions like they are some kind of joke, because to me that was all it was. I ended up getting ahold of the notes when I found where the parental units stashed the files. I sent them all for a ride at Amy’s horror as the results didn’t reflect her one bit! The thing that made me laugh into hysterics was how they took me! Maybe that was the goal, score waaaay lower than if taken seriously.

We all know having high intelligence isn’t what it is cracked up to be, along with hyperthynesia… I remember damn well near everything and Amy didn’t remember half the stuff she has done. Times of adversity were especially vivid and the times of pleasentries felt empty. Good thing, it saves her from the horrors of being violated. Since I couldn’t really care less at the time despite being 7y/o and some early memories of let’s put it the violation. Some may say it became distant, like it wasn’t really you. It was surreal but it couldn’t be ignored. It could be even be described as feeling sorry for that person. Like it wasn’t really happening but strewn throughout the forest lie lost articles and her innocence. Only remembering pieces of that night, and just how long the ordeal was. Was on the run and couldn’t even cover myself up. The warmth you get from running could only work for so long and I wasn’t sure if I would get back. Felt lost, and with it being so dark, any source of light meant safety. I didn’t care who found me, as it wouldve been better than what I was in. Sure they would be upset and blame themselves but I knew it could have been worse. It was all night and the whole neighborhood was looking for me. People expect you to know better but get increasingly cross when you ultimately choose worse. It angered me that half wits could get away without a hitch and so much I wanted to join them in the boat of no responsibility. Though I won’t waste my life in taking back what was taken away. It changed me, though not in a way you’d normally expect. I grew as cold as it was that night mid August all those years ago.

I was neutral to it, like this is just part of the human condition and ultimately, a way of asserting dominance. Supposedly, one could say everyone knew better but chose worse. I grew cold and largely emotionless, as in feeling grew dull and distant from the attributes that make us human. It was all a wash to me and it was seen as more of a distraction to the logical process.

The host never came programmed with a will to live and she’d settle for the celibate life. She just was never interested, went through feeling nothing et al. She was okay with it as she grew up religious and since the rape she saw it as dirty. To her horror, I was the polar opposite, a succubus, if you will and constantly excited, even since single digits. Though that never really took until much later and it just wasn’t her. She never knew let alone accept that she is part of a system until many years later.

Over time, there comes the realization that fighting yourself is futile. I am not going in on a losing battle, as this is ultimately self-defeating. It is like a three legged race and the finish is our goal. Take turns at each step and keep a constant pace. The Head Comittee also says isn’t great to be without affect as you don’t end up with a good effect! Alright sharpshooter, aim for the target and find a balance. I can feel it and am aware there is a sorta Karmic Newton Third Law. Gladly to say I am always working at being better. I have come a long way but I am still on my journey. With each step you come closer and with each step the past fades as the future starpens up and gains clarity. Consequently, no matter where you are, here you are in great company so have plenty of…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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