4/7 Tuesday Tutiorism

“It is widely told that I don’t know everything, for if I did I would have all the answers; I can only speculate while uncertain but that does not merit discrediting what I do know.” ~4NeonFun

🌟✴ Tuesday Tutiorism ✴🌟

What in the word⁉

Tutiorism, or as defined by the Marriam Webster Dictionary: a viewpoint in the probabilistic controversy that the argument favoring liberty as distinguished from law must be either certain or the most probable of all possible opinions to furnish a basis for action.

Well there are over 400 000 words in the English Dictionary! 🎭📚

You can look onto the principles of the Zipf Mystery as rationale to why we don’t see most of them in use. In fact, we say the word ‘The’ about 6% of the time. It is a rule of nature, though to understand it, we can look at how it can be related to runaway inequality among other constructs.

🔖Michael from VSauce explains Zipf Mystery: Click Here!

🏃🏼😫 Runaway Inequality and Dealers of Disease ☣‼

There was lots of talk in the medical community as of late with regards to handling the global health crisis related to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Of course, current times are unprecedented. The outcome will be determined how we all react during the pandemic. To be fair, it isn’t often that they [pandemics] occur but it is far from the first time contending and they each come with devastating effects. So what makes the current situation different? Granted, COVID-19 is a deadly disease and can easily wipe out a considerable amount of the population that would rival that of the Spanish Flu or even the Black Death. Diseases only appear less threatening now, because we have evolved with our capacity to handle new pathogens with relative ease.

There are also a lot of conspiracy ‘theories‘ that have been circulating as of late within the TinFoil Hat Community. Let’s see if any of them stand to have any reason or backing? The push for the New World Order has become a hot topic as there are those pushing for measures in alignment with the concept of depopulation and enslaving those remaining. For instance, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been a lot of what is fueling these conspiracies like that the medical, economic and, financial crises were planned to overwhelm systems to crash them entirely by releasing a much more threatening disease. In hopes to capitalize from the collapse of everyone else into a state of helplessness. Neo-Slavery or the idea of a modern rebranding of such treatment, which is a slippery slope that exists within the dark side of capitalism. The rich get richer while the rest suffer more debts. Many also argue that it is a way to coerce the masses into giving up personal rights and freedoms at will. Many of those standards can still fall through the cracks, especially while considering international trade. There is still difficulty for well meaning workers who face difficulty making ends meet. Even still, if you are still deemed essential, there is a exploiting the disadvantaged by pulling the ‘you are lucky you are working’, while settling for less. Maybe it was aliens, in all liklihood really? Like all things new, there are bound to be skeptics. Some may say the virus was intentional and lockdown be mandated as to force reliance on medications and vaccines. There is also the alledged agenda to push for mandatory vaccine requirements. Others think it was created as a targeted bio attack. While others believe it is a coverup to something that would make COVID-19 look like a harmless kitten. The premise of the new 5G frequency is that it the shorter wavelength means shorter distances and this requires more towers. Much of these stories are unfounded but are shared. The mental gymnastics that people who believe them are willing to go through to argue their point can often be baffling. There is also the notion that and conclude that many of these stories are linked, the verdict is still out. 💩💁🏼

Some ideas shall be made clear. There is evidence that the world is changing, but in a more unified way. The concern that some people have concerning the frequency is that it would cook your brain and cause serious complications. The current levels are nowhere near that of damaging intensity which hundreds of not thousands of times more intense, than that this new technology produces which is below the threshold of it causing problems. 5G is only in 40 countries whereas COVID-19 spans over 100 coutries, likely has nearly reached everywhere there is frequent exchange. There seems to be a belt-like trend that COVID-19 prefers and it can be explained here. Some may say this may take years that we may have to face the pandemic before something is produced. It has since gone into the southern hemisphere, and is shown to have infected tigers shows the disease is incredibly pernicious and knows no boundaries. It is to take a global effort to combat it during this critical time.


A Snapshot of COVID-19 Cases Across Canada
The shade of orange represents COVID-19 cases per 100 000 🇨🇦 as of April 7, 2020

🇨🇦🇨🇦 Meanwhile in Canada, is a race for medical equipment here and around the world. British Columbia is starting to see a positive trend and seeing a reduction in the rate of new cases and now has fewer cases than Alberta. Manitoba Ontario is bolstering its domestic factory production of goods in response to huge outbreaks in the province with a sweeping fatality rate. Quebec is facing the worst curve in the country, though current models show that our trajectory is looking like it might even be better than what Germany province wide, with many outbreaks in LTC facilities. Nova Scotia saw its first passing and premier has been pushing for stricter following to the guidelines especially to those who are willfully ignoring them in the Eastern provinces. Isolated areas, PEI and the rest of the maritimes has been stable and reporting no new cases. ❄ Nunavut is still having none of it, and the northern territories are only having a handful of cases. From Alberta, who is also facing a shortage in medical gear, and holds 🥉 for most cases in the country look towards administering 20 000 tests per day and as a province who aspires towards becoming a world leader 🥇 we are proud of you! 🏡 Nice. . 🇨🇦🇨🇦

There is a growing recognition of the need to increase the production of locally made products, particularly medical equipment. 💡 Thousands of domestic factories are retooling their production lines in the efforts to produce more equipment! Ontario medical professionals and particle astrophysics are building a simplified breathing apparatus explained as a minimalistic design ventilator about twice the size of a bedside radio that can serve as a readily available piece of medical equipment. Using a series of pumps, valves, tubing, the computerized mechanism regulates resp. rate, pressure to deliver the needed oxygen. Designed to serve as an inexpensive open source and readily accessible medical equipment that can be easily made and distributed and can serve in place of more complicated designs. Ventalators coupled with suction units are crucial to breathing in critical cases. We are happy to see 30 000 new made in Canada ventilators to be shipped across the country within the month. Millions of masks will be in production and hundreds of thousands are expected to be 🎉🇨🇦

🗣 Reporters will not answer directly, so I did a little calculation. 😎 Curiosity is deadly to this feline. 😼 They asked during question period and figures that Canada may be expecting based on Canadian Census multiplied by the proposed $2000/month figure according to CTV. 😶

🤔 What is this Talk of a Universal Basic Income?💲

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a social support that ensures that all citizens recieve the same amount without discrimination. As opposed to other social support systems, which tend to be complex and many of those who are in need still fall through the cracks. A universal income is a simple and comprehensive plan that benefits everyone. Those who are well off financially will also recieve the money, but they are the disproportionately small percentage of the population that would be expected to cover a larger proportion of the burden. Those who are also in a high tax bracket will likely watch as they lose much more than what they would have earned. In short, it has worked in a number of other countries and there is talk about the potential of seeing Canada adopt UBI.

People need to be sold on the idea before they decide to accept a universal basic income. It would replace a lot of the current locally accepted social support systems and remove all the stipulations of entry, providing equal opportunity. 💕 For one, the simplicity is greatly appreciated, It is a system that is set on a set amount and is easier to predict than other forms of discretionary social supports. A universal approach can be automated, meaning it could be largely hands off once set up. and can either serve as a temporary emergency measure or it can be implemented permanently to ensure ongoing support. It can change the way we look at providing aid by even the playing field by providing it to everyone, and include as a taxable income and it will be deducted based off the total annual income. For the rich, they may not notice the income as much as someone who is in poverty would. We always had income tax, but it begs to question when there is no income to be had, where is the money going to come from? It will all take time to rebound but the idea that if we invest in the citizens, and domestic production instead of bailing out companies and squandering off to foreign aid where we never again see a return in the investment. Instead, can instead see more of the money going back to support the middle class while having more money in circulation. We can rebound with a stronger job force and a stronger economy in the long run. It takes an investment in ourselves, and in each other as an interconnected system. If you want a safety net, you gotta be careful on what you select, the wrong type is not suitable and is a huge waste of resources, others must be carefully watched to ensure it isn’t full of holes or by-catch. The UBI is akin to a broad spectrum safety net. It takes a large investment in order to have such such a safety net but it would catch all at a basic level for those who would have fallen through otherwise, but it can see huge returns when paired with other projects and action plans.

🇨🇦 Canada is currently in the discussion. A fixed amount that is distributed, can definitely help out everyone whether they are currently in need, but it might shocking with how much it may cost and the ministry has a monthly figure in mind but does not want to tell the news outright. So, considering that you are looking at everyone… It might seem like a staggering amount, because it is. Though, it is never cheap to take care of your country. They do not want to admit that it will cost approx $75.2 billion per month to launch this effort, because it will not be accepted widely. We need to talk about what is right, and this is something that can be of great benefit that has great potential of seeing a return in the investment long term.

💡 Let’s take the fiction out of Sci-Fi by making it a reality! 💡

If I was to learn from the current crises, by which there is an abundance of opportunities to do so is that our approach is rapidly becoming eclipsed by the very problems that we aim to solve. We are no better than dogs chasing their tail; how are we to equip ourselves for something past our horizon? It is proven time after time that we cannot develop therapies fast enough, we must adjust behavior and that they still have some significant problems while unprepared. Many can be solved with teamwork and advances to technology and accessibility to services. We still have to concern ourselves with developing new ways to test and treat. Perhaps one can think outside the quarantine box and develop a means to do so automatically that is also prudent towards future attacks. ☣‼

If it was my idea, I would redefine what it means to have artificial immunity. Simply put, vaccines and immunoglobulin are great and all, but it is like watching on a tube TV when 4K is possible. We are starting to really short change ourselves here, we are developing artificial intelligence because humanity is a firm user of tools and AI can be beneficial in many ways, including in medical and many other applications, including becoming the next generation in immune system response. Forget vaccines and a lot of the medicines that must always be developed for each new disease, uncertainty on efficacy, restrictions for medical reasons and the need for boosters. AI immunity systems can set a fast course towards making conventional treatments obsolete. Vaccines are to tube TV as synthetic immunity is to 4K. Yes, you read that. I am thinking about the prospect of using artificial intelligence, using the general principle of immune system. It is the concept based off our own immune system, and a sci-fi element with possible nanobots. A smart task force that recognizes and differentiates your cells from pathogenic ones without having many of the shortfalls as feeling symptoms of the illness and having to develop more ways to handle these new illnesses. It takes three weeks to develop a natural immunity, which may not be strong or fast enough to handle superbugs. Besides, the side-effects due to result of the natural immune response and inflammation can be deadly. AI currently can have the capacity to sequence a response in much shorter and more targeted order. It could identify the pathogen as first encounter and deliver a targeted approach. Imagine having an immune response to invading pathogens possibly even without much knowledge, because instead of causing the body to react by showing symptoms, it may be towards a targeted search and destroy while limiting the extra steps and side effects. Synthetic immunity would solve many problems due to compromised immune systems this can supplement or even replace. It does seem that the move is towards adapting a minimalistic approach, which serves to streamlining efficiency by removing the extra bulk and only working with what is truly necessary. Much of the time, extenuating parts only progressively hinder the overall efficiency of a system. Overall, the message in the situation is that less is truly more.

✴➖Daily Dealings➖✴

🗣💡“It is widely told that I don’t know everything, for if I did I would have all the answers; I can only speculate while uncertain but that does not merit discrediting what I do know.” 💡〰

Redefining Status Quo 🔀▶

Of course, we are a ways from the idea of having AI powered immune system nanobots. For now, we can always work towards redefining modern medicine, and do so as a global open source platform that is accessible to everyone. Own it, baby! In the meantime, we can use the current accepted information to build up the one that is naturally present. Treat yourself by giving your body what it needs, less stress, better sleep and so on. Yes, immune boosters and of the like are already available, and I happen to have some. For now, it is making the best of what you have. Which is a systemic approach. Much of that has to do with the food we eat, and much of that has to do with soil erosion and destruction of natural fertile ecosystems leaves a nutritionally deplete soil profile. So while you can get all the nutrients on a whole foods plant based diet, or a flexitarian version therof that mostly rejects overly processed foods. As with any diet it comes down to ensuring the quality of our food. Part of the solution is to use Bloomin Minerals™ Soil Revitalizer, a 100% natural humate soil conditioner to your garden. The soil conditioner is humic shale composed of prehistoric plant minerals no longer found in farm and range soils. Another inline advertisement, is the Healthy Body Pak product line has an impressive variety and concentration of bioavailable nutrients. You can replenish yourself with our Healthy Start Paks for more information, Click Here. To get your very own Better Health Paks, Click Here!

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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