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This is my very first post. It was left as the original template blog post for two months. I had reached a block in my life where I was unsure of where it is headed or to gather enough motivation to get started. I have lots of work ahead of me and a steep learning curve ahead of me if I wish to become a top earner. Though being top earner means nothing if you cannot bring those you connected with in your life along with you. What do you say about these, perhaps I am a stranger to you but I wish to use a variety of means if you do indeed wish to connect.

Well, you would have to connect if you want to know me, but here is a little bit about myself. Firstly, my name is Amy Molnar and I created 4NeonFun back in 2012 to host my artistic content and as the handle that I have happened to string together as a play on the word for however as the number as it is shorter to type and just suiting my fancy. Much of it was inspired in Grade 10 French class with my awesome teacher Monsebroten who actually had us do a creative brochure on an imaginary restauraunt where you can order dishes and anything else the menu offered. The idea really started to purculate. The theme of it would showcase my art as the theme of my restauraunt which served relatively common dishes. Interesting enough this is really starting to manifest in a similar way. While playing around on my calculator app as there was not much else, no internet and outside was brutal but pay no mind, I simply started getting creative. I really liked the image that resulted from this equation: R(θ)=8θ*sin(6θ)^3-(2θ*sin(5θ^4)) that I searched it up to ensure that nobody else had this design when I found nobody had it, I had called it mine.

I really just intend to use it as a hub to connect to all the other social media sites and status updates as now 4NeonFun is up.

First Launch of 4NeonFun

April Fools to you all, with first publish, the formatting got all wonky. Not only that, but my brain has that wonderous ability to negate typos so my draft was filled with errors. However, some supportive people offered some tips and to help me troubleshoot the issues i was not able to see myself.

I just have the basic pages up like the home, bio, connect, shop, business, you matter tabs. The logo represents home and the silver emblem on the right side will eventually house my gallery featuring 4NeonFun. I will eventually update it when HempWorx is operational. Valentus has been going very smoothly and they have a lot of tools and amazing people who want to see your success in all forms.

I want to add:

Website Wednesday ~ Updates to the blog, routine updates, etc

Theme Thursday ~ New Google Chrome Theme! Search 4NeonFun in the custom search bar when you are on ThemeBeta so you can browse in style! ~4NeonFun

Will keep you posted in more blog posts, bright ideas never die.

☕Cheers ~4NeonFun



Not Easter


It is truly heartbreaking for what happened, and in no way was Good Friday fitting to its name. It was an injustice; a slap in the face of what is good. To say it is a sacrifice would be inappropriate to say the least to malevolence when it is in the wrong hands.

Well This Sucks! 💩💔


It may have been Easter Weekend, but it sure did not feel like Easter. Humanity is quite literally sick 🤒++ & in more ways than one. It is usually around the best part of the year, with the awakening of certain parts after a period of dormancy. Darkness falls into retreat, though it seems odd this time around. Despite the ratio of daylight to nighttime hours, this year seems that spring has not sprung this year, rather ❄frozen in suspension❄. Light may have overcome the dark at this time, but in the recesses, how can that be said when it is never observed? When sheltered from ideas, they are difficult to conceptualize though once exposed are difficult to ignore. It has still been a frozen Easter and will likely go down in history of dishonorable mentions. 🐰🐣


Adapting a new Status Quo 💡📜

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Nailed it….

🌍🌎🌏Not only is there this virus causing the systematic shut down of our artificial world, though as you look around the natural world is regenerating.🌏🌎🌍 A stark teaching in itself that the planet would be better off in the absence of humanity. In old lore, the purpose of humanity is to act as shepherds to tend to all else. The truth of the matter, if that is the collective purpose of the human race is to act as caretakers that hold a position of dominance, then humanity fails miserably. The human race may also be separate from much of the natural world, but that detachment does not make us superior or invincible. If it were true, human civilizations would not have been inoculated time after time while still repeating the same mistakes. All our fabricated systems are just as feeble. 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

From closures of businesses and services deemed non-essential to cancelations of family events, many face the struggles of daily functionality. Many simply go without their livlihods as they are closed in the interest of public safety. A better alternative is to encourage businesses to function and raise standards to reflect the changes with regard to public health. To read between the lines to derive further meaning is to understand that standards need to adapt and evolve to ensure that we do not undo all our hard work.

& 💩, the novel Coronavirus doesn’t even touch the matter; the plague has even social distanced itself from the situation. We must be proactive, as new pathogens are continuously evolving. Some may say to be prepared in the event that a future ☣ infection ☣ seem like a harmless kitten when this is said and done. It would be as if we never learned anything, and like our own immune systems, we must learn and implement new ways to protect each other’s safety in light of future outbreaks. There are no answers and it seems as there is no end in sight, as reports say that we are only about 5% into the overall emergency. 😱😱😱


You read that right and according to experts, currently say we are only about here on this bar with regards to this pandemic.😒 Few leaders openly have any failsafe options, though the ones that tend to be most effective tend to be fast-acting and have the most widespread and universal approach. Those that will ultimately weather the pandemic will have a comprehensive long term plan. It is troublesome in itself see many leaders with no set goals in mind when it comes to a systematic approach to lifting the restrictions or is expected to change in light of this crisis. As you look back on history, you may see that in many cases, the framework by which we have become governed shrouded in bureaucratic ❎❎❎ red tape has a tendency when it comes to their presentation is sorely inefficient and their measures often lack credibility.

Many experts say we are in for unprecedented times, though they are only unprecedented in terms of reaction. It may not even be clear until it is analyzed and retroactively before it may be a topic of debate and criticism. Is there really a need for such complex and multifaceted systems as they pose many problems that are to be remedied by adding only more layers hindering overall efficiency where a much simpler and streamlined version can satisfy? If so, is this the time that we as a people are faced with an unprecedented systems overhaul? Have we become unable to adapt at a quick enough pace that it requires assistance where it previously unnecessary? Even the Pope is suggesting a type of a universal basic income, which in a sense will simplify and streamline social safety nets. In 🇨🇦, they have recently expanded the CERB to all Canadians with minimum restrictions. Petulance has been a longstanding nemeses, and even as to having a word itself. Sworn enemies create a sickly effect and perhaps as these times get biblical here, make sure you follow the command:

Thou Shall Not COVID Thy Neighbor’s Wife


No Good Friday

We have always gone to Sherwood Park to celebrate Easter. The tradition went on for 20 years since learning that Brody was on the way. 💕 So in order to celebrate the Good News, Uncle Brent and Auntie Donna hosted a shower! Only discord here is that this year, we find that we have to say goodbye. 💔 It is difficult enough to learn of such devastating news, how would one manage during this global emergency?

Imagine being jolted awake to loud unrelenting cries… ‼😲😲😲‼ No! What!? What did you say? What happened? No! It can’t be true…. Brody! Noooo please, it can’t be. No, didn’t wake up. ‼😲😲😲‼ As shocking as the resolution, came the news that our cousin Brody passed away early in the morning. We are all perplexed and devastated with his passing. First responders are unable to identify the cause. Little is known beyond the conversation with his father after coming home from an evening of Skip the Dishes™. The only thing that we have is that he reported feeling tired and said he was going to go to bed. We are aware of his sleep apnea but are looking for answers. Nobody knew anything, not even his girlfriend. It is difficult to not make any conclusion prematurely; we will cross that bridge when we get there.

They talk about the new normal and things are going to be different. I don’t like this change; nobody is ready for any of this. In fact am so peeved by the matter that I wish to pay my condolences as I see fit, regardless of the lockdown. It should not have happened as it was a mere accident, there isn’t anything else to go on other than him passing away in his sleep in the early morning. He was healthy, but other than his sleep apnea, we have no other answers as first responders rule out any obvious cause. It is like trying to get something that is out of reach, when it comes to life, we all know it to be an incredibly painful experience. 😧😧😧

Salica’s Saturday

Remember that Alluring Anglerfish from Finding Nemo? The power in the message the hooks draw immense appeal as it lures and manipulates you into life-threatening situations.💡☠TV Tropes☠💡

Never ask if things can get any worse ‼ Of life’s many games, stands to be the most pernicious. You’re a self fulfilling prophecy, and that saying is an old 💩 trap. Much rather prefer to ask if things can get any better, as it better as it allows you to look upwards. Hey, I would take that advice if I were you and you had a fear of heights, “whatever you do, don’t look down!” It seems that cartoon physics has made it way into my life. That is, things are not the way they are or actively so unless you look. So if you ask yourself how things can be better and what you can do about it, you’re looking up! If you throw yourself a pity party and ask how situations can become even less favorable, you’re going down! 〰Fair and Simple〰 🔪Cut and Dry🔪. That is the way it is, and if you want to change it, there are many things that can be done albeit not directly, but you’d be surprised on the series of vastly complex chain reactions. Been fronting a lot more often, and at random. Guessing the 💩uation is going out of hand 😒 but they lothe me. They like the host, so take it we work in tandem.

Recall how I told you to stop asking how things can get any worse? 😒 They are self-fulfilling! Instead, ask how things can improve. Maybe that 💡 is sunlight at the end of the tunnel, and not really an Anglerfish. When you are deep in an abyss, you may even say that any kindness might be seen as a beacon of hope. Mnahhh it was an accident that that asshat’s junkie son is still here and that our beloved cousin is gone.

There’s no respect Kevin to go anyone and it is irritating to say the least to having you literally run for your life. , and it was the last straw on our dishonorable mentions. Every other day he will go into rockstar mode, in essence is like what a 70’s frat party would look like if you had no friends. Introducing the 2020 70’s fratboy: the year a deadly plague forced global lockdown. You are left with a solo act of binge drinking and intrusively loud music, and a varying level of civilry to utter belligerence, depending on his mood which is very much like playing a game of Russian Roulette. Most nights in the minefield are neutral if you walk on eggshells and if you tread real careful and play along then it can be somewhat less terrible where it might actually be something to have optimistic about. The moment you have let your guard down, you are vulnerable. Make no mistake, it is none other than a trap, and much like the actual game, the outcome can be deadly.


Sum Sunday

Three RCMP vehicles in driveway. Pictured from upstairs
🚔👮🏻🐰🐣 What a view to behold from your acreage over Easter • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police 🐣🐰👮🏻🚔

The mendacity is strong in this one. From regards, the relationship is of a cyclical nature and a strong inclination to be deciet. In past situations, law enforcement overlooked our calls, even so much to as victim blame while they fall into his manipulative tactics. ☠ It is yet another trap. Molemy and I fear that they would act as they previously have.

Originally designed and built as a place to listen to music and smoke without disturbing the rest of the house. Lately the place has been abused by asshat Kevin who spends most of his waking hours on the bench binge drinking, chain smoking and having the neighborhood listen to his playlist. Looks like the Tasmanian Devil decorated the place…

April 12, 2020 • Gruelling Garage • 4NeonFun
Grueling Garage • Pictured from door connecting garage & house

Last night was no blank, as a simple request had escalated into violence. It all started with a simple request for him to tone it down, to no consideration he minimizes it by claiming grief — the relationship was not there; you never grew up with him. Sure, you might be sad but it is not to the extent of our loss. Frusterated, I grab a White Claw and goes to have a drink and Kevin escalates the situation by grabbing yet another one of my seltzers that I have paid for. I only had a couple over the span of the evening, and he has gone through his entire 15 pack of beer and is already into my third seltzer. I proceed to cut him off by grabbing all the drinks while arguing about me taking all the drinks. I say that I am sorry you ran out of beer and you are not entitled. Kevin did not like that and while he was trying to manipulate Molemy into his side and his argument. Kevin, growing more furious by the second charges towards me and my arms full of the remaining White Claw with the fridge door the only barrier between myself and his fit of drunken rage.

Tension quickly rose as I continue to gather all the remaining seltzers under my arms and I flew out of there. I feel as the door made contact with my thigh as he body slammed into the door screaming threats. Without looking back, I make my way inside the house to offload the alcohol. Moments later, I start hearing loud noises and screaming from the garage. I hear my name being called and without skipping a beat, I go find my mother at the stairs wailing about being unable to lock the garage door. I proceed to go towards the door and lock the push+turn knob and jostle the door to get the deadbolt. Molemy and I both agree to lock all the other doors to the house and she is insists on having me call. I dialed the emergency number and hand her the phone where she immediately panics and hangs up. I was taken aback by this motion and questioned her a few seconds later, the operator follows up to unlock the phone and tend to the call. We both sit and wait for what felt like an eternity for the RCMP’s to come. Molemy then starts bawling and explains between sobs how the situation further escalated until finally she was thrown to the ground a few times, once in the back by the stove, into the propane tank and once again into the glass table (pictured out of place), knocking over the red chair.

“You can’t take all the booze, Amy! How often do you drink my beer? I do so much around here and you are a useless b!tch. Can’t I have a good time?”

“I am sorry you ran out of beer. I do not owe you anything and you’re not entitled to the alcohol that I have paid for. Watch me, Kevin.”

There were 4 RCMP officers in three cars that shown up. Kevin explains his bogus story in the garage while Molemy and I recall what actually happened. They each took statements and after the officer we had told the other officers to remove Kevin from the property. The other officers look questioning, but ultimately followed suit. Kevin then had a long conversation in the front yard and since he is just wasted, he is unable to drive. 🚫 We filed a restraining order and had him removed.

The day was long overdue, the day that Kevin, the asshat is finally out of our lives. Serves him a restraining order possibe, have the debaucle on official records. He was removed by RCMP officers $56 cab fare to go home. 🇨🇦👮🏻In hindsight, I spent only about a twoonie more on alcohol than he did for his fare. Just petty desserts. 💕🎂


Eh!? 😲🤦🏻 So later we get Arnold to escort the belligerent alcoholic to gather his remaining items that were left. You don’t make this stuff up, and they didn’t go far as they decide to stop railroad tracks on Sundown Road. What are they doing there? 🍻 Drinking a beer! 🍻 Oh you cannot remember last night other than having to take a taxi back to his apartment in Edmonton from the Spruce Grove RCMP detachment. What a life, drinking and driving when you’d normally have coffee break. He weaponized his superficial charm and claimed that he never remembered getting so out of control that he we resorted to calling the authorities while fretting over our own safety. It is his classic gaslighting at work, and this time absolutely nobody bought it. It has been a decade since the relationship started and its burial with this morally bankrupt narcissist was long overdue.

It is definitely true that the increase in domestic abuse is directly related to the complications that arise from the current global emergency. With the efforts of flattening and suppressing one curve, many more curves are bound for sharp peaks. How as a species of superior intelligence fall short in their problem-solving methodology when it comes to the basic problems we collectively face? It has been proven that no one person can answer that, though it doesn’t mean it cannot be done as a collective. With oneism and love, we are stronger together! ✔💕




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4/7 Tuesday Tutiorism

“It is widely told that I don’t know everything, for if I did I would have all the answers; I can only speculate while uncertain but that does not merit discrediting what I do know.” ~4NeonFun

🌟✴ Tuesday Tutiorism ✴🌟

What in the word⁉

Tutiorism, or as defined by the Marriam Webster Dictionary: a viewpoint in the probabilistic controversy that the argument favoring liberty as distinguished from law must be either certain or the most probable of all possible opinions to furnish a basis for action.

Well there are over 400 000 words in the English Dictionary! 🎭📚

You can look onto the principles of the Zipf Mystery as rationale to why we don’t see most of them in use. In fact, we say the word ‘The’ about 6% of the time. It is a rule of nature, though to understand it, we can look at how it can be related to runaway inequality among other constructs.

🔖Michael from VSauce explains Zipf Mystery: Click Here!

🏃🏼😫 Runaway Inequality and Dealers of Disease ☣‼

There was lots of talk in the medical community as of late with regards to handling the global health crisis related to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Of course, current times are unprecedented. The outcome will be determined how we all react during the pandemic. To be fair, it isn’t often that they [pandemics] occur but it is far from the first time contending and they each come with devastating effects. So what makes the current situation different? Granted, COVID-19 is a deadly disease and can easily wipe out a considerable amount of the population that would rival that of the Spanish Flu or even the Black Death. Diseases only appear less threatening now, because we have evolved with our capacity to handle new pathogens with relative ease.

There are also a lot of conspiracy ‘theories‘ that have been circulating as of late within the TinFoil Hat Community. Let’s see if any of them stand to have any reason or backing? The push for the New World Order has become a hot topic as there are those pushing for measures in alignment with the concept of depopulation and enslaving those remaining. For instance, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been a lot of what is fueling these conspiracies like that the medical, economic and, financial crises were planned to overwhelm systems to crash them entirely by releasing a much more threatening disease. In hopes to capitalize from the collapse of everyone else into a state of helplessness. Neo-Slavery or the idea of a modern rebranding of such treatment, which is a slippery slope that exists within the dark side of capitalism. The rich get richer while the rest suffer more debts. Many also argue that it is a way to coerce the masses into giving up personal rights and freedoms at will. Many of those standards can still fall through the cracks, especially while considering international trade. There is still difficulty for well meaning workers who face difficulty making ends meet. Even still, if you are still deemed essential, there is a exploiting the disadvantaged by pulling the ‘you are lucky you are working’, while settling for less. Maybe it was aliens, in all liklihood really? Like all things new, there are bound to be skeptics. Some may say the virus was intentional and lockdown be mandated as to force reliance on medications and vaccines. There is also the alledged agenda to push for mandatory vaccine requirements. Others think it was created as a targeted bio attack. While others believe it is a coverup to something that would make COVID-19 look like a harmless kitten. The premise of the new 5G frequency is that it the shorter wavelength means shorter distances and this requires more towers. Much of these stories are unfounded but are shared. The mental gymnastics that people who believe them are willing to go through to argue their point can often be baffling. There is also the notion that and conclude that many of these stories are linked, the verdict is still out. 💩💁🏼

Some ideas shall be made clear. There is evidence that the world is changing, but in a more unified way. The concern that some people have concerning the frequency is that it would cook your brain and cause serious complications. The current levels are nowhere near that of damaging intensity which hundreds of not thousands of times more intense, than that this new technology produces which is below the threshold of it causing problems. 5G is only in 40 countries whereas COVID-19 spans over 100 coutries, likely has nearly reached everywhere there is frequent exchange. There seems to be a belt-like trend that COVID-19 prefers and it can be explained here. Some may say this may take years that we may have to face the pandemic before something is produced. It has since gone into the southern hemisphere, and is shown to have infected tigers shows the disease is incredibly pernicious and knows no boundaries. It is to take a global effort to combat it during this critical time.


A Snapshot of COVID-19 Cases Across Canada
The shade of orange represents COVID-19 cases per 100 000 🇨🇦 as of April 7, 2020

🇨🇦🇨🇦 Meanwhile in Canada, is a race for medical equipment here and around the world. British Columbia is starting to see a positive trend and seeing a reduction in the rate of new cases and now has fewer cases than Alberta. Manitoba Ontario is bolstering its domestic factory production of goods in response to huge outbreaks in the province with a sweeping fatality rate. Quebec is facing the worst curve in the country, though current models show that our trajectory is looking like it might even be better than what Germany province wide, with many outbreaks in LTC facilities. Nova Scotia saw its first passing and premier has been pushing for stricter following to the guidelines especially to those who are willfully ignoring them in the Eastern provinces. Isolated areas, PEI and the rest of the maritimes has been stable and reporting no new cases. ❄ Nunavut is still having none of it, and the northern territories are only having a handful of cases. From Alberta, who is also facing a shortage in medical gear, and holds 🥉 for most cases in the country look towards administering 20 000 tests per day and as a province who aspires towards becoming a world leader 🥇 we are proud of you! 🏡 Nice. . 🇨🇦🇨🇦

There is a growing recognition of the need to increase the production of locally made products, particularly medical equipment. 💡 Thousands of domestic factories are retooling their production lines in the efforts to produce more equipment! Ontario medical professionals and particle astrophysics are building a simplified breathing apparatus explained as a minimalistic design ventilator about twice the size of a bedside radio that can serve as a readily available piece of medical equipment. Using a series of pumps, valves, tubing, the computerized mechanism regulates resp. rate, pressure to deliver the needed oxygen. Designed to serve as an inexpensive open source and readily accessible medical equipment that can be easily made and distributed and can serve in place of more complicated designs. Ventalators coupled with suction units are crucial to breathing in critical cases. We are happy to see 30 000 new made in Canada ventilators to be shipped across the country within the month. Millions of masks will be in production and hundreds of thousands are expected to be 🎉🇨🇦

🗣 Reporters will not answer directly, so I did a little calculation. 😎 Curiosity is deadly to this feline. 😼 They asked during question period and figures that Canada may be expecting based on Canadian Census multiplied by the proposed $2000/month figure according to CTV. 😶

🤔 What is this Talk of a Universal Basic Income?💲

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a social support that ensures that all citizens recieve the same amount without discrimination. As opposed to other social support systems, which tend to be complex and many of those who are in need still fall through the cracks. A universal income is a simple and comprehensive plan that benefits everyone. Those who are well off financially will also recieve the money, but they are the disproportionately small percentage of the population that would be expected to cover a larger proportion of the burden. Those who are also in a high tax bracket will likely watch as they lose much more than what they would have earned. In short, it has worked in a number of other countries and there is talk about the potential of seeing Canada adopt UBI.

People need to be sold on the idea before they decide to accept a universal basic income. It would replace a lot of the current locally accepted social support systems and remove all the stipulations of entry, providing equal opportunity. 💕 For one, the simplicity is greatly appreciated, It is a system that is set on a set amount and is easier to predict than other forms of discretionary social supports. A universal approach can be automated, meaning it could be largely hands off once set up. and can either serve as a temporary emergency measure or it can be implemented permanently to ensure ongoing support. It can change the way we look at providing aid by even the playing field by providing it to everyone, and include as a taxable income and it will be deducted based off the total annual income. For the rich, they may not notice the income as much as someone who is in poverty would. We always had income tax, but it begs to question when there is no income to be had, where is the money going to come from? It will all take time to rebound but the idea that if we invest in the citizens, and domestic production instead of bailing out companies and squandering off to foreign aid where we never again see a return in the investment. Instead, can instead see more of the money going back to support the middle class while having more money in circulation. We can rebound with a stronger job force and a stronger economy in the long run. It takes an investment in ourselves, and in each other as an interconnected system. If you want a safety net, you gotta be careful on what you select, the wrong type is not suitable and is a huge waste of resources, others must be carefully watched to ensure it isn’t full of holes or by-catch. The UBI is akin to a broad spectrum safety net. It takes a large investment in order to have such such a safety net but it would catch all at a basic level for those who would have fallen through otherwise, but it can see huge returns when paired with other projects and action plans.

🇨🇦 Canada is currently in the discussion. A fixed amount that is distributed, can definitely help out everyone whether they are currently in need, but it might shocking with how much it may cost and the ministry has a monthly figure in mind but does not want to tell the news outright. So, considering that you are looking at everyone… It might seem like a staggering amount, because it is. Though, it is never cheap to take care of your country. They do not want to admit that it will cost approx $75.2 billion per month to launch this effort, because it will not be accepted widely. We need to talk about what is right, and this is something that can be of great benefit that has great potential of seeing a return in the investment long term.

💡 Let’s take the fiction out of Sci-Fi by making it a reality! 💡

If I was to learn from the current crises, by which there is an abundance of opportunities to do so is that our approach is rapidly becoming eclipsed by the very problems that we aim to solve. We are no better than dogs chasing their tail; how are we to equip ourselves for something past our horizon? It is proven time after time that we cannot develop therapies fast enough, we must adjust behavior and that they still have some significant problems while unprepared. Many can be solved with teamwork and advances to technology and accessibility to services. We still have to concern ourselves with developing new ways to test and treat. Perhaps one can think outside the quarantine box and develop a means to do so automatically that is also prudent towards future attacks. ☣‼

If it was my idea, I would redefine what it means to have artificial immunity. Simply put, vaccines and immunoglobulin are great and all, but it is like watching on a tube TV when 4K is possible. We are starting to really short change ourselves here, we are developing artificial intelligence because humanity is a firm user of tools and AI can be beneficial in many ways, including in medical and many other applications, including becoming the next generation in immune system response. Forget vaccines and a lot of the medicines that must always be developed for each new disease, uncertainty on efficacy, restrictions for medical reasons and the need for boosters. AI immunity systems can set a fast course towards making conventional treatments obsolete. Vaccines are to tube TV as synthetic immunity is to 4K. Yes, you read that. I am thinking about the prospect of using artificial intelligence, using the general principle of immune system. It is the concept based off our own immune system, and a sci-fi element with possible nanobots. A smart task force that recognizes and differentiates your cells from pathogenic ones without having many of the shortfalls as feeling symptoms of the illness and having to develop more ways to handle these new illnesses. It takes three weeks to develop a natural immunity, which may not be strong or fast enough to handle superbugs. Besides, the side-effects due to result of the natural immune response and inflammation can be deadly. AI currently can have the capacity to sequence a response in much shorter and more targeted order. It could identify the pathogen as first encounter and deliver a targeted approach. Imagine having an immune response to invading pathogens possibly even without much knowledge, because instead of causing the body to react by showing symptoms, it may be towards a targeted search and destroy while limiting the extra steps and side effects. Synthetic immunity would solve many problems due to compromised immune systems this can supplement or even replace. It does seem that the move is towards adapting a minimalistic approach, which serves to streamlining efficiency by removing the extra bulk and only working with what is truly necessary. Much of the time, extenuating parts only progressively hinder the overall efficiency of a system. Overall, the message in the situation is that less is truly more.

✴➖Daily Dealings➖✴

🗣💡“It is widely told that I don’t know everything, for if I did I would have all the answers; I can only speculate while uncertain but that does not merit discrediting what I do know.” 💡〰

Redefining Status Quo 🔀▶

Of course, we are a ways from the idea of having AI powered immune system nanobots. For now, we can always work towards redefining modern medicine, and do so as a global open source platform that is accessible to everyone. Own it, baby! In the meantime, we can use the current accepted information to build up the one that is naturally present. Treat yourself by giving your body what it needs, less stress, better sleep and so on. Yes, immune boosters and of the like are already available, and I happen to have some. For now, it is making the best of what you have. Which is a systemic approach. Much of that has to do with the food we eat, and much of that has to do with soil erosion and destruction of natural fertile ecosystems leaves a nutritionally deplete soil profile. So while you can get all the nutrients on a whole foods plant based diet, or a flexitarian version therof that mostly rejects overly processed foods. As with any diet it comes down to ensuring the quality of our food. Part of the solution is to use Bloomin Minerals™ Soil Revitalizer, a 100% natural humate soil conditioner to your garden. The soil conditioner is humic shale composed of prehistoric plant minerals no longer found in farm and range soils. Another inline advertisement, is the Healthy Body Pak product line has an impressive variety and concentration of bioavailable nutrients. You can replenish yourself with our Healthy Start Paks for more information, Click Here. To get your very own Better Health Paks, Click Here!

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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3/24 Testament Tuesday

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.” Photo Source: Pixabay

Testament to the Vunerable

Often times we notice others who are less fortunate than ourselves, and think not much of it. Often it may be a fleeting sense of compassion and concern. Other times you may look at them with a moment of cynicism as to say that they have brought it upon themselves, they are likely have chosen their addiction over their bills. The damage lies in this kind of thinking as it villanizes those who are vunerable in the greatest need of our care. This highlights the magnitude of the have vs have not mentality and begs the question on whether it is ethical to refuse healthcare to someone who cannot afford it, or worse off worthy of treatment due to their socioeconomic status. Is this really how we define the sanctity of life, by net worth; how pathological does one need to be in their way of thinking to justify this?

Consider how a predator behaves in regard to prey; it is a battle of life and death a battle between living another day or becoming a meal. Outside of the expected rules of human civilization is the construct that predators often seek out the weakest link. It uses up a considerable amount of resources to sustain the daily functions of life that it is seen as wasteful if not potentially life-threatening if more effort was expended for a precieved value. Humans like to think of themselves as apex predators with this grandiose sense of invincibility, yet it cannot be further from the truth. Predators have the tendency to prey on what is considered to be the weakest link. Prey often has the tendency to adapt in robust ways in order to secure their future – much to the point of reproduction as a means of continuing the species. What if the goals of our own survival is longevity, as quality over quantity? Then there would be a more universal desire to put systems in place and experience a negative growth population trend – as we see with Italy. Italy was hit especially hard due to its proportionately large elderly population and the country has been criticized in its decision to act only after the disease has spread. Though, seemingly healthy folk can continue their day while unknowingly infecting thousands who are not so fortunate only to leave disaster in its wake.

Civilizations have been inoculated due to disease, where they once had vibrant activity. As a novel example of perspective, imagine the width of a strand of hair and expand it to that of a length of a football field, your cells would proportionately be 26 feet (just under 8m) and COVID-19 virus would only be 4 inches (just over 10 cm) across. How is it that in today’s world that it is this easy to be brought down to our knees, have we really advanced as a society or have we simply been testing our luck all along?

The truth is is that we think like predators and act like prey. Humanity has the unique ability to adapt their environments to suit their needs rather than necessarily having to adapt to the environment. Like the Death Star in Star Wars, the demise causal to it being easily infiltrated. When we overlook possible weakness, we become vulnerable. The TIE Fighter Interceptor entering the Death Star may present a draumatization on how the coronavirus enters and infects animal cells by way of the Ace II receptors, leading to its destruction. Personal insecurities may also be likened as there is less defense and may cause a person to become upset. On a societal level, it is the disadvantaged persons’ unique vunerability in times of crises which has a knock on effect on the remaining population. By neglecting to care for those who are the most in need, you are neglecting the care that is needed most. Health is a basic human need and should be regarded as a basic right, rather than something that can be exploited. Right now, it is those living on the street who have preexisting medical conditions are the most vulnerable. If there is anything you can do to help, no matter how insignificant to you, it can mean a world of change for them.

Crises are the true social experiments as it is total uncertainty that will bring the masses to their knees. Not simply because they are participating, it is the sense of losing control. Control is then userped leading to helplessness and desperation. We can only do so much to factor into our desired result, but at the end of the day it may not even be the results that suits the onlooker. It is all a matter of perspective. All we can do now is do our part! May I offer you some coffee? You can get it shipped to your bunker by having…

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3/22 Sum Sunday

Strange Affinity • Jennavine, 4NeonFun
Strange Affinity

I must say, welcome! There is much on my brain lately, so am feeling like this is going to be a longer read today. Perhaps then it could be out ofvthe system for there are flashbacks and some other mental real estate troubles. Yet it is more important than ever to have an outlet for self-expression. The phenomenon also relegated to living in the past for there is much to learn, including what is ultimately holding back progress.

As we all reflect upon ourselves during these trying times. The system has established a sense of peace and oneness, as if to reciprocate the state of our society. When I used to live in a state of panic while world was in relatively calm, now it is surreal to see the inverse relationship. Though, in these times have peace because the system has once thought about all of the situations, yet it was always met with that will never happen or that the other party is seen to have a reaction that is not fitting to the situation.

Since then, I have developed answers to bring about a peace of mind. Society can have all the answers, this system runs possible scenarios in which humanity overestimates readiness but seeing how COVID-19 is taking over on a global scale. Humanity must humble themselves, as it is total uncertainty that will bring societies to their knees. I have seen it time after time, was all simulated within the mind, as well as what can be observed in history. To the shock of outsiders, the answer can be right in front of them but they do not have to listen, like directing horse to the water. Yet, there have been times by which I was the horse being coerced to drink. The well has been poisoned; I want no part of it. Invariably, my body rejected it and since brings more truth that one is unable to spell nemesis without emesis.

There are so many silver linings to our current situations. Firstly, it can be regarded as one of the greatest social experiments of all time. Invariably there was much that can even be deemed educational rather than an element of panic. Silver being antimicrobial, makes an excellent line of defense. Next up, is that we will always be brought to our knees by problems we cannot see, though to us they were the elephants in the room. So, I would not necessarily say crisis as much as this is a rude awakening. They say to live your life as you usually do, and since this life hasn’t changed much as a hermit, really it is the hermit that can be the greatest teachers through all of this. As well, it is what happens when we live in an overconfident and under prepared state of mind, what happens around you is always subject to change. As such an offhand remark, that there were concerns with socializing with others. Generally, through own experience, it is simply best to allow someone to approach you rather than the other way to avoid imposing and annoying so unless there is a reason to initiate contact, there is no contact to be had. Through growing up as an introvert in an extremely extroverted family with zero communication, there tends to be many mixed signals. Since that am happy in own company, there may be a handful of people I’d interact with now but detaching from the chaotic nature of the outside world, socializing has become less important, and if it is then it must be meaningful as to keep my social battery from draining at an alarming rate. Small talk drains me as does people who I am not connected with as there is much to decipher what is of importance and what was simply there to fill time until the next activity. It is as if the world has been riled up on sugar in the hour that we were supposed to rest. World, slow down because it is as if you are on SPEED and you have spun out of control and need some time to settle. Except for involuntary reasons; you can’t as there is an abundance of kinetic energy.

To underscore the importance of reflection as it allows us to make changes to further prepare ourselves. There is much that is outside our locus of control, but that doesn’t mean we must underestimate what is in our internal locus of control. Invariably, it is infinitely more empowering to think of things we can achieve rather than ones we cannot. Complacency and learned helplessness are also invisible contenders. Since humanity has become so polarized, topics become shifted, seemingly at a whim. Another sense here is reestablish the staples in society and to appreciate those that allow it to function. Lesson learned that it is never the figureheads but rather those who are invested in progress is what ultimately affords it. Also, unity and solidarity are allies we often overlook. It took a pandemic to shift social conscience, in fact it was so effective that it could have classified as a wet dream. It serves as a moment to slow down, reconsider what is important and reset the urge of gratification. Most will be happy when this is all over, but is it really or will it cause a shift in behavior?

Perhaps to consider how we can better prepare ourselves for the next outbreak. Though in our opinion, current measures will always leave us in a vulnerable place. We must consider resources, and how appropriate them. As a species with superior intelligence, though it is often questionable. We have the unique ability to adapt the environment to meet our need. We will invariably run out of resources, for instance if we are overlook scalability and become wasteful. We must be prudent in how

Another point to add is our paradigm of providing a functional and well-rounded education. Natural disasters each have their own way of pointing out vunerabilities Current measures are archaic and have so many shortcomings. For example, the current public education system ultimately fails to provide a meaningful education to its children as many ultimately transition into adulthood unprepared. To many, it is seen as a shock which ultimately is a setback towards being a contributing member in society. There seems to be less focus on the actual concept and application of learning, and of course how to live independently.

Of course, again is to shift our ideas on developing ones that are scalable – that will continuously accomodate growth and that aknowledges that everyone has different interests and that they develop at different rates. We must provide a stimulating experience that fosters new ideas and independent thinking rather than the myopic decision to reject it outright because it is not yet possible. It has since been apparent that it a bearned behavior to highlight the problems without necessarily being proactive with solutions. Problem-solving is an extremely powerful tool that is often left to collect microscopic particles, though now times are different and we are off on a clean slate. The focus is to be adaptable and to give value towards our collective assets as we collectively expend so much into systems that may pose as a liability. There is more shift to private systems as they tend to play by different rules altogether, because invariably a small percentage with the majority of means ultimately contrast the majority of the population which has limited means. You can apply that for-profit construct to any industry. The problem is, is we overlook in each case who is ultimately the beneficiary of such services. If it is a basic need such as healthcare or education is only going to benefit the few than what good does it serve the rest of us who may be unable to access them? In certain situations, we must be altruistic as a deficit to regard any one population in these efforts is seen as a loss and will negatively impact everyone whether they are cognizant or not.

Diversifying our delivery system, there would be more opportunity to bring the syllabus lectures and workshops to you. For example, if efforts are far reaching to provide a universal connection to the interwebs and create publically accessable libraries and even learning materials through these mediums. Paper textbooks and assignments will become obsolete as the updated digital versions also universally available. This digitalized version can also have oversight by the department of education to ensure accuracy and consistency. As such, there is also the added benefit to it being largely unaffected by pathogen spread; as long as the servers are up, it shall be business as usual. Perhaps the takeaway here that if change is to occur is to learn to set aside our differences in our perspective and be proactive with solutions, so we may act in unison to address a collective problem.

We are still as advanced as the industrial revolution with respect to these systems. With regards to the way things are, we are in a Renaissance. The world around us is changing at such a rate that it causes a state of unrest. Of course, when in a rut of old ways, change can be terrifying. The real question that should be asked is, “does it have to be this way?” Ultimately, if it is within our means, then shouldn’t it be a priority? If you were to ask me, the answer hinges on the urgency to answer the call to action; you don’t have choice to act if a lion is chasing you but you are more likely to hold off other pressing matters like illness, where the repercussions of inaction eclipse those of action.

Accessibility will always be a problem as there will always be a shortage of public services, though and in light of social distancing measures may become more pronounced. It is more prudent than ever to work towards reducing the need of valuable resources to accomodate should a surge arise. Different countries are developing unique solutions to handle the COVID-19, South Korea has developed a way to test more than 20 000 people per day by utilizing drive-thru testing sites, (source). There are several reasons that I, personally find this solution to be ingenious. There is a more likely chance that you will have a census of that population, high will provide a high degree of accuracy in total cases as most are never reported unless admitted to the hospital. Since the incubation period of COVID-19 is up to two weeks, you could potentially be asymptomatic but can cause a large population of those more vulnerable than yourself to potentially face life-threatening complications. Tests are among the cheapest means of preventative measures and perhaps expanding the idea to include other types as well. Mobilized testing centers provide a greater means of accessibility, especially when there are no costs associated as they would be covered under universal efforts. Likewise, they should lower the costs associated with placing vulnerable persons in close proximity to presumably infectious. Canada, has been rather neglectful as there has to be a series of criteria that must be met through the direction of the 811 call. For one, they indicate you must show symptoms and self-isolate, which is good advice but they should develop a means to administer tests in short order; waiting two weeks to determine candidacy is far too late. Perhaps, even to take it a step further and create a hybrid between drive-thru and home visits. For example, if Canada decides to mobilize testing sites to make a visit to the location of its residents, and administer tests at the rate that S. Korea does, Canada would have the unique ability to catch the disease in its infancy. Since we do have a relatively sparsely populated country, in comparison to its assets, swift mobilization could be ordered as a first line of defense. This needs to be done before cases start to overwhelm services, for the health of our civilization. This can provide accurate and meaningful data in real-time, as well as increase our preparedness for the next outbreak, as pathogens are continuously changing; so should we. We should be on top of our situations before an apparent need is recognized. Otherwise it results in the lack of…

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3/14 Salica’s Saturday

Impulsivity and Desire – Tales From Within

Impulsive Desires

Imagine a scenario in which you were raised in an environment where meanings of impulse and that of healthy desire are distorted. How do I do that? Meaning is subjective and can be applied in varying ways often presenting itself as a double standard. How is it that everyone else can want things, but the line is drawn when there is the possibility that I want it too?

We cannot simplify or liken it to the act of sharing crayons, 🖍as it goes much further than that. We are sharing a life!

It isn’t every day that you cut someone out of your life.🗡 Every day I think about all the proverbial bullets that were dodged and with a sigh of relief, can go back towards finding a way to live as cohesively as possible without also incessantly being treated like a lightning rod or a doormat. It is degrading, and it is more hurtful to one self to allow yourself to be degraded. It gets frustrating as you put up all kinds of stop signs.🛑 What really disgusts me is that how others seem to insist on this toxic behavior and then recoils when I don’t react in the way they like.💢 Oh yeah, and I gotta admit I am guilty of some of these too but I wouldn’t say they are to the degree that they are onto me. Or sometimes I explode, I get into aura and I know that I would not be able to excuse myself from difficult home situations. I mean, I was thinking about it and possibly seen more negligence around me. I constantly am working on taking measures to protect against making these mistakes myself. It gets tricky at times as taking alternate measures could also be be mistaken as tactless. I would say it, but but it gets exhausting to keep wearing a mask around those you are either skeptical around for reasons such as negative reactions or that they are unwilling to understand and accept so you play a role until it is safe to leave. Acting becomes exhausting and you fear your true self will seep through the cracks of your mask.🎭 What if I act out? It is seldom seen as rational but it still begs the question why we have this desperate impulse when it seldom works in our favor?

Oh and it pains to say but there are so many more meanings to this. Irrationality is never ending; contrast that to the end in sight in the rational. Oh and to think, in and among all this madness, there are efforts out there that will pay you to get infected with COVID-19 and stay at home without contacting the outside world for a couple weeks.😷 Sounds like any hermit’s dream is to get paid to sit at home, as well as to help out efforts.👻 I mean, we should totally put all resources into our health, for this current outbreak as well as all other infectious diseases. ⛑Why stop here? Report the stats in the Census as it is also important to track these data. Is it really something to panic over or is it here to teach us something? Perhaps that we will always fear over the unknown because we are not sure how we could protect ourselves. 💥Freaking out about it only makes it worse as stress is another often overlooked killer. Panic wreaks havok on the immune system as it does with other body systems. Some are more prone than others and couple that with the common knowledge that those who are vulnerable often see the worst case scenario. Let the numbers speak for themselves, most people who get sick get better before they know it!💯 So allow yourself to see the best case scenario and be optimistic that it pans out. Better yet, make it a habit to hope for the best while planning for the worst is your best approach for peace of mind during difficult times.💡

πPie Partayπ

Fun to make, what are you doing to bake!?

Also…. It is Pie Day, it is the perfectly delicious dessert as it is my favorite mathmatics symbol! Oh, believe me however rational it is to be fruitful and multiply my πpie! And they say to go switch to degree mode when calculating because it is not rational to use radians. Alright, let’s get get carried away as we totally have all day. Well why not? It is a bright idea to have sum fun as it is in the name! Elemental symbol for Potassium, I am going to have a piece of pie while wishing everyone….

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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3/13 Friday Friendzy

Salica • 4NeonFun Header
So hot I’m deadly!

➕🗡Friday Friendzy🗡➕

Life really has a funny way of making everything into a game. To which this is the perfect avatar! Made up this up from a photo and like a million different effects, but hey I am digging this now and to H-E-double hockey sticks, I shall be the Canadian devil! Eh?

Memoirs of Life’s MiniGames

If life is a game it would lay something like— You wouldn’t even want to know. *sigh* OK let’s get those spirits up today! Besides… What really haunts you and what is the worst thing that can happen? You tell me!

😇👿Anyone down for Ouija Night at the Haunted Mansion tonight? 👿😇

If I had it, we could crank the novel Coronavirus up more! But I swear, the mass hysteria and lack of common sense are hilarious in their own rite; they must also be symptoms. Ya know, measles are much more contagious than this, and some f you aren’t even taking measures to protect yourselves (ahm vaccines, anyone) that you probably should just award yourselves the Darwin Award now!

Meanwhile they are paying people a few grand to get infected and stay at home for a couple of weeks. Heck, sign me up if it is nothing more than a mild cold in most cases. No, it shouldn’t cause you to buy pallets of TP, but I also appreciate the memes! I just don’t like it when I gotta get some when I realize that I too am out. Also, I guess some people just like to see the world burn… Guess I’m one of those… Ya do it on yourselves by causing yourselves to catatrophize everything, which good going, you are all more worked up than I would ever be… Still never more crucial than ever to have common sense, hand hygiene and plenty of…

✨Cheers! ~4NeonFun

Whatever can cross the mind will cross the mind however, bright ideas never die!

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3/7 Salica’s Saturday

4NeonFun | Jennavine
International Women’s Day Quotes

Women’s 👭 Day

At first you feel small as the challenges overpower you; over time, you will grow to overpower your challenges. Realize and actualize yourself for that moment you realized what you are actually capable of. ~4NeonFun

🗣The subject matter presented here may be unsuitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised. 🖤

Mnahhh I love it how it happens to be another Saturday, but not just any Saturday… Behold, Salica’s Saturdays! For those who are insane enough to be rejected by society but not quite to be in the 🇨🇦 Loonie Bin. Look no further because here you are welcome, eh!

Oh Canada! The peacekeeper of the world eh? The only non nordic country with such a high happiness and equality scores. Why is this important? You can tell a lot about a culture by the way they treat their fair maidens. Segregation based off whether or not you have a dick is… Well a DICK MOVE! So what? My lack of ability to urinate standing up due to a major anatomical disadvantage does not mean that I cannot take agency and control over life. Simply, peeing standing up is cool and all, but in the modern world we have something called the toilet and ya do your business in there but in reality, who really cares about the preferred position to void one’s bladder? Piss on it, they say it is the balls. Let me say, I got something to say about that.


Switching gears a bit here, but it is also great to think up how it used to be considered an insult to do things “like a girl!” Like, duh? Because I am a girl, shanks captain obvious. Now you are lucky because the balls to grab next were yours, but where the luck runs out is when you realize it was Margaret Thatcher “Rule with an iron grip.”

When they say “grow a pair” I always laugh as a knee jerk reaction. It is just so overused that it is merely comedy for me when used in a serious context. Allow me to explain: Balls are soft and squishy and cannot take a hit. You always have to shield your family jewels, and they have another purpose. Ovaries are the true stone contendors. If you ask me, I tell people to grow some ovaries and get ova yourself.


Next off is the preferences. Was going to get to that because of how sexuality has become a hot button topic, (don’t mind me) I am a girl who likes girls and I mean like likes them. In fact, the old song “I Want Candy” was originally a love letter about a girl crushing on another girl. It starts off with a phone conversation between Jessie and Anne talking about seeing a cute girl named Candy. I had that version in my head since I was a kid in single digits. I always thought the girls were more my type. In fact, I had more crushes that were girls than those that were boys. Yet it was weird to try to explain that I think I like another girl… But they would just think good friends. It was also really funny later as the family drifted from their religious ways that I would occasionally play the song and say something along the lines I wish this girl would write about me! Then they would look confused and say that they thought I was straight. I said *BI* in a long drawn out bout of sarcasm like “Byeeeeee

🗣They say I am a sinner because I ate her for dinner! 🖤

I left it at that because in a religious household, family was predominantly Christian and the lot of em already thought I was possessed by the devil. May be right because I am the devil! Mnwawaha!! I love the reactions when I say “Anyone down for Ouija night at the haunted mansion Friday the 13th? I heard it is going to be a full moon!” Pssst Casper! Over here, I need a favor, bring yourself and your ghoul! Man, I wanted to get a Poltergeist in on my next April Fools joke. Since it always seems to happen to me, time for the tables to turn! What comes around goes around.


Women in the STEM fields is the epitome of following the advice to be fruitful and multiply. I feel that this can be taken in so many ways, mm kinky. Kinky as a garden hose. I would say I also have it in for mathematics. I couldn’t sit through math class without making up some mathmerotica in my head. Regular pornos were boring and had the same old boring plot… Naw listen to an astrophysicist as she explains in a logistical sense the natural order of our universe and tell me that that wasn’t at least somewhat enjoyable. It was a ride for me, and that I would lie tangential to her curves. The mathematician creating her next set of fractal art while composing a sultry story about discovering the universe’s secrets. Miss Universe speaks in mathematics; so in reality when we think of being fruitful and multiply we should really indulge in some forbidden fruit and build a multiplication table for my CosLaw. She created the rule 34 of math and things started heating up, she is out there somewhere. She went to MIT; she was more into it than I was and I asked myself how is this possible? Have I found the one? InternationalSpaceStation or MathematicallyMindedFractal, if you are out there. You are such an inspiration and for all else, if ya can’t do the math then get out of the equation.

Don’t hate my name because you can’t play the game, for it would be lame to do the same! Be empowered being a part of the good fight, as it is your right.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun