3/24 Testament Tuesday

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.” Photo Source: Pixabay

Testament to the Vunerable

Often times we notice others who are less fortunate than ourselves, and think not much of it. Often it may be a fleeting sense of compassion and concern. Other times you may look at them with a moment of cynicism as to say that they have brought it upon themselves, they are likely have chosen their addiction over their bills. The damage lies in this kind of thinking as it villanizes those who are vunerable in the greatest need of our care. This highlights the magnitude of the have vs have not mentality and begs the question on whether it is ethical to refuse healthcare to someone who cannot afford it, or worse off worthy of treatment due to their socioeconomic status. Is this really how we define the sanctity of life, by net worth; how pathological does one need to be in their way of thinking to justify this?

Consider how a predator behaves in regard to prey; it is a battle of life and death a battle between living another day or becoming a meal. Outside of the expected rules of human civilization is the construct that predators often seek out the weakest link. It uses up a considerable amount of resources to sustain the daily functions of life that it is seen as wasteful if not potentially life-threatening if more effort was expended for a precieved value. Humans like to think of themselves as apex predators with this grandiose sense of invincibility, yet it cannot be further from the truth. Predators have the tendency to prey on what is considered to be the weakest link. Prey often has the tendency to adapt in robust ways in order to secure their future – much to the point of reproduction as a means of continuing the species. What if the goals of our own survival is longevity, as quality over quantity? Then there would be a more universal desire to put systems in place and experience a negative growth population trend – as we see with Italy. Italy was hit especially hard due to its proportionately large elderly population and the country has been criticized in its decision to act only after the disease has spread. Though, seemingly healthy folk can continue their day while unknowingly infecting thousands who are not so fortunate only to leave disaster in its wake.

Civilizations have been inoculated due to disease, where they once had vibrant activity. As a novel example of perspective, imagine the width of a strand of hair and expand it to that of a length of a football field, your cells would proportionately be 26 feet (just under 8m) and COVID-19 virus would only be 4 inches (just over 10 cm) across. How is it that in today’s world that it is this easy to be brought down to our knees, have we really advanced as a society or have we simply been testing our luck all along?

The truth is is that we think like predators and act like prey. Humanity has the unique ability to adapt their environments to suit their needs rather than necessarily having to adapt to the environment. Like the Death Star in Star Wars, the demise causal to it being easily infiltrated. When we overlook possible weakness, we become vulnerable. The TIE Fighter Interceptor entering the Death Star may present a draumatization on how the coronavirus enters and infects animal cells by way of the Ace II receptors, leading to its destruction. Personal insecurities may also be likened as there is less defense and may cause a person to become upset. On a societal level, it is the disadvantaged persons’ unique vunerability in times of crises which has a knock on effect on the remaining population. By neglecting to care for those who are the most in need, you are neglecting the care that is needed most. Health is a basic human need and should be regarded as a basic right, rather than something that can be exploited. Right now, it is those living on the street who have preexisting medical conditions are the most vulnerable. If there is anything you can do to help, no matter how insignificant to you, it can mean a world of change for them.

Crises are the true social experiments as it is total uncertainty that will bring the masses to their knees. Not simply because they are participating, it is the sense of losing control. Control is then userped leading to helplessness and desperation. We can only do so much to factor into our desired result, but at the end of the day it may not even be the results that suits the onlooker. It is all a matter of perspective. All we can do now is do our part! May I offer you some coffee? You can get it shipped to your bunker by having…

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