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Hello, I’m 4NeonFun and welcome to my little corner of the internet! Bright ideas may draw the eye but design integrity captures the heart.

My name is Amy and some may call me the Jack of all Trades… Well if there were Jacks up for trades, let me know.. They appear to be hard to find. Many things in this world are lost, as akin to my mind, as I believed I have lost it. Will you help me find it?

Multidimensional approach to all dimensions of lifestyle. Wellness is a timeless fashion. A common denominator where all points on the spectrum thrive together. Neon is noble, neon is bright and Bright Ideas Never Die!

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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You can access any of my other social media sites, just by searching ‘4NeonFun’ I have many sites for various purposes, and each to its own set of people, each having its own set of posts that when I am on.

Pinterest: has a lot for healthy eating under the Food As Medicine under the board Class Is In Session. I also have vegan boards, product boards, art boards, and many more.

Tumblr: http://www.4neonfun.tumblr.com was the original art blog, I designed the appearance on that page. Twitter: Influencing ideas check out my page!

Google & YouTube – @4NeonFun

SnapChat – fourneonfun Kik: Facebook: 4NeonFun pages HBNaturals team group.

It all starts with WHY?

Plant yourself here 🌱 and let’s grow together.

Would you like to bless people in your life with a lifestyle and a story worth reading and living? If your answer is YES, then you are in business.

I feel that there is a link between your thoughts and your actions. I personally wish that my thoughts have a close and deliberate connection between my own actions. I wish to live a life in which aligns with my values and having the discipline to follow my values despite it not always being convienient. From how it is, actions speak louder than words and I wish for my actions to speak out and reflect my values. I take stake in the success story of the business as I devoted myself to it. I want to create and influence a team that lives according to our collective of core values.

To some may say, my colors are too bright or my ideas are extreme… Are you realizing your world is in greyscale and overwhelmed by your first experience? To those, are closed off in darkness not realizing that they may, too harbor some extremist ideology. I am an avid animal lover and I care for the environment and veganism is the life I lead, as it is the compassionate lifestyle that makes logical sense.

I wish to create lifetime partners and take stake in the most revolutionary opportunity. Interpersonal connections are important here, I really wish to connect with you and schedule a three way call with a top leader to really effect the magic! To which different companies show their deadly flaws, and when there was thought up as nobody which figures how they can make the most of the good while eliminating the objections. Heart Body Naturals (HBNaturals) may appear like all the others, but it has a culture which connected with me and I would like to reach out to you! With gift cards, just go on to my Capture Page You will experience new challenges, but you are given the tools if you wish to succeed. Select Bundles get you 12 gift cards worth $25 USD

You will see your team start to build. You will then have the opportunity to advance up and create your retirement, free up some time, work smart, duplicate and share this to others. If you have read this far you certainly have the drive and interest. Time to launch yourself and your story. Wake up and smell the CBD coffee!

Well, speaking of which, I may still have my account active on Valentus, however I have actually canceled my auto ship. After having some matters that really should have been dealt legally, I simply cut my losses and ran. I found a much better opportunity and I no longer concern myself on my shortcomings. I have gained more attraction and csuccess now in a week than I have in most of Valentus career. I have a team that is empowering and effectively harnessing the power of duplication. Success is duplicatable. Do you have what it takes?








Leaders are Readers!

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☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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