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Superstar is here! Want 4NeonFun to go to the Hallofame and be a household name? 4NeonFun is all in!

This is my very first post. It was left as the original template blog post for two months. I had reached a block in my life where I was unsure of where it is headed or to gather enough motivation to get started. I have lots of work ahead of me and a steep learning curve ahead of me if I wish to become a top earner. Though being top earner means nothing if you cannot bring those you connected with in your life along with you. What do you say about these, perhaps I am a stranger to you but I wish to use a variety of means if you do indeed wish to connect.

Well, you would have to connect if you want to know me, but here is a little bit about myself. Firstly, my name is Amy Molnar and I created 4NeonFun back in 2012 to host my artistic content and as the handle that I have happened to string together as a play on the word for however as the number as it is shorter to type and just suiting my fancy. Much of it was inspired in Grade 10 French class with my awesome teacher Monsebroten who actually had us do a creative brochure on an imaginary restauraunt where you can order dishes and anything else the menu offered. The idea really started to purculate. The theme of it would showcase my art as the theme of my restauraunt which served relatively common dishes. Interesting enough this is really starting to manifest in a similar way. While playing around on my calculator app as there was not much else, no internet and outside was brutal but pay no mind, I simply started getting creative. I really liked the image that resulted from this equation: R(θ)=8θ*sin(6θ)^3-(2θ*sin(5θ^4)) that I searched it up to ensure that nobody else had this design when I found nobody had it, I had called it mine.

I really just intend to use it as a hub to connect to all the other social media sites and status updates as now 4NeonFun is up.

First Launch of 4NeonFun

April Fools to you all, with first publish, the formatting got all wonky. Not only that, but my brain has that wonderous ability to negate typos so my draft was filled with errors. However, some supportive people offered some tips and to help me troubleshoot the issues i was not able to see myself.

I just have the basic pages up like the home, bio, connect, shop, business, you matter tabs. The logo represents home and the silver emblem on the right side will eventually house my gallery featuring 4NeonFun. I will eventually update it when HempWorx is operational. Valentus has been going very smoothly and they have a lot of tools and amazing people who want to see your success in all forms.

I want to add:

Website Wednesday ~ Updates to the blog, routine updates, etc

Theme Thursday ~ New Google Chrome Theme! Search 4NeonFun in the custom search bar when you are on ThemeBeta so you can browse in style! ~4NeonFun

Will keep you posted in more blog posts, bright ideas never die.

☕Cheers ~4NeonFun



Author: 4neonfun

👋Hello, and welcome to my corner of the Internet! Here you will find a unique collection of stories and artistic expression. ⭐A system with a dark history and a bright future.🌟 We DID it!🎉 Certified Nursing Attendant & Administrative professional. Visit my website at www.4neonfun.xyz ☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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