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Strange Affinity • Jennavine, 4NeonFun
Strange Affinity

I must say, welcome! There is much on my brain lately, so am feeling like this is going to be a longer read today. Perhaps then it could be out ofvthe system for there are flashbacks and some other mental real estate troubles. Yet it is more important than ever to have an outlet for self-expression. The phenomenon also relegated to living in the past for there is much to learn, including what is ultimately holding back progress.

As we all reflect upon ourselves during these trying times. The system has established a sense of peace and oneness, as if to reciprocate the state of our society. When I used to live in a state of panic while world was in relatively calm, now it is surreal to see the inverse relationship. Though, in these times have peace because the system has once thought about all of the situations, yet it was always met with that will never happen or that the other party is seen to have a reaction that is not fitting to the situation.

Since then, I have developed answers to bring about a peace of mind. Society can have all the answers, this system runs possible scenarios in which humanity overestimates readiness but seeing how COVID-19 is taking over on a global scale. Humanity must humble themselves, as it is total uncertainty that will bring societies to their knees. I have seen it time after time, was all simulated within the mind, as well as what can be observed in history. To the shock of outsiders, the answer can be right in front of them but they do not have to listen, like directing horse to the water. Yet, there have been times by which I was the horse being coerced to drink. The well has been poisoned; I want no part of it. Invariably, my body rejected it and since brings more truth that one is unable to spell nemesis without emesis.

There are so many silver linings to our current situations. Firstly, it can be regarded as one of the greatest social experiments of all time. Invariably there was much that can even be deemed educational rather than an element of panic. Silver being antimicrobial, makes an excellent line of defense. Next up, is that we will always be brought to our knees by problems we cannot see, though to us they were the elephants in the room. So, I would not necessarily say crisis as much as this is a rude awakening. They say to live your life as you usually do, and since this life hasn’t changed much as a hermit, really it is the hermit that can be the greatest teachers through all of this. As well, it is what happens when we live in an overconfident and under prepared state of mind, what happens around you is always subject to change. As such an offhand remark, that there were concerns with socializing with others. Generally, through own experience, it is simply best to allow someone to approach you rather than the other way to avoid imposing and annoying so unless there is a reason to initiate contact, there is no contact to be had. Through growing up as an introvert in an extremely extroverted family with zero communication, there tends to be many mixed signals. Since that am happy in own company, there may be a handful of people I’d interact with now but detaching from the chaotic nature of the outside world, socializing has become less important, and if it is then it must be meaningful as to keep my social battery from draining at an alarming rate. Small talk drains me as does people who I am not connected with as there is much to decipher what is of importance and what was simply there to fill time until the next activity. It is as if the world has been riled up on sugar in the hour that we were supposed to rest. World, slow down because it is as if you are on SPEED and you have spun out of control and need some time to settle. Except for involuntary reasons; you can’t as there is an abundance of kinetic energy.

To underscore the importance of reflection as it allows us to make changes to further prepare ourselves. There is much that is outside our locus of control, but that doesn’t mean we must underestimate what is in our internal locus of control. Invariably, it is infinitely more empowering to think of things we can achieve rather than ones we cannot. Complacency and learned helplessness are also invisible contenders. Since humanity has become so polarized, topics become shifted, seemingly at a whim. Another sense here is reestablish the staples in society and to appreciate those that allow it to function. Lesson learned that it is never the figureheads but rather those who are invested in progress is what ultimately affords it. Also, unity and solidarity are allies we often overlook. It took a pandemic to shift social conscience, in fact it was so effective that it could have classified as a wet dream. It serves as a moment to slow down, reconsider what is important and reset the urge of gratification. Most will be happy when this is all over, but is it really or will it cause a shift in behavior?

Perhaps to consider how we can better prepare ourselves for the next outbreak. Though in our opinion, current measures will always leave us in a vulnerable place. We must consider resources, and how appropriate them. As a species with superior intelligence, though it is often questionable. We have the unique ability to adapt the environment to meet our need. We will invariably run out of resources, for instance if we are overlook scalability and become wasteful. We must be prudent in how

Another point to add is our paradigm of providing a functional and well-rounded education. Natural disasters each have their own way of pointing out vunerabilities Current measures are archaic and have so many shortcomings. For example, the current public education system ultimately fails to provide a meaningful education to its children as many ultimately transition into adulthood unprepared. To many, it is seen as a shock which ultimately is a setback towards being a contributing member in society. There seems to be less focus on the actual concept and application of learning, and of course how to live independently.

Of course, again is to shift our ideas on developing ones that are scalable – that will continuously accomodate growth and that aknowledges that everyone has different interests and that they develop at different rates. We must provide a stimulating experience that fosters new ideas and independent thinking rather than the myopic decision to reject it outright because it is not yet possible. It has since been apparent that it a bearned behavior to highlight the problems without necessarily being proactive with solutions. Problem-solving is an extremely powerful tool that is often left to collect microscopic particles, though now times are different and we are off on a clean slate. The focus is to be adaptable and to give value towards our collective assets as we collectively expend so much into systems that may pose as a liability. There is more shift to private systems as they tend to play by different rules altogether, because invariably a small percentage with the majority of means ultimately contrast the majority of the population which has limited means. You can apply that for-profit construct to any industry. The problem is, is we overlook in each case who is ultimately the beneficiary of such services. If it is a basic need such as healthcare or education is only going to benefit the few than what good does it serve the rest of us who may be unable to access them? In certain situations, we must be altruistic as a deficit to regard any one population in these efforts is seen as a loss and will negatively impact everyone whether they are cognizant or not.

Diversifying our delivery system, there would be more opportunity to bring the syllabus lectures and workshops to you. For example, if efforts are far reaching to provide a universal connection to the interwebs and create publically accessable libraries and even learning materials through these mediums. Paper textbooks and assignments will become obsolete as the updated digital versions also universally available. This digitalized version can also have oversight by the department of education to ensure accuracy and consistency. As such, there is also the added benefit to it being largely unaffected by pathogen spread; as long as the servers are up, it shall be business as usual. Perhaps the takeaway here that if change is to occur is to learn to set aside our differences in our perspective and be proactive with solutions, so we may act in unison to address a collective problem.

We are still as advanced as the industrial revolution with respect to these systems. With regards to the way things are, we are in a Renaissance. The world around us is changing at such a rate that it causes a state of unrest. Of course, when in a rut of old ways, change can be terrifying. The real question that should be asked is, “does it have to be this way?” Ultimately, if it is within our means, then shouldn’t it be a priority? If you were to ask me, the answer hinges on the urgency to answer the call to action; you don’t have choice to act if a lion is chasing you but you are more likely to hold off other pressing matters like illness, where the repercussions of inaction eclipse those of action.

Accessibility will always be a problem as there will always be a shortage of public services, though and in light of social distancing measures may become more pronounced. It is more prudent than ever to work towards reducing the need of valuable resources to accomodate should a surge arise. Different countries are developing unique solutions to handle the COVID-19, South Korea has developed a way to test more than 20 000 people per day by utilizing drive-thru testing sites, (source). There are several reasons that I, personally find this solution to be ingenious. There is a more likely chance that you will have a census of that population, high will provide a high degree of accuracy in total cases as most are never reported unless admitted to the hospital. Since the incubation period of COVID-19 is up to two weeks, you could potentially be asymptomatic but can cause a large population of those more vulnerable than yourself to potentially face life-threatening complications. Tests are among the cheapest means of preventative measures and perhaps expanding the idea to include other types as well. Mobilized testing centers provide a greater means of accessibility, especially when there are no costs associated as they would be covered under universal efforts. Likewise, they should lower the costs associated with placing vulnerable persons in close proximity to presumably infectious. Canada, has been rather neglectful as there has to be a series of criteria that must be met through the direction of the 811 call. For one, they indicate you must show symptoms and self-isolate, which is good advice but they should develop a means to administer tests in short order; waiting two weeks to determine candidacy is far too late. Perhaps, even to take it a step further and create a hybrid between drive-thru and home visits. For example, if Canada decides to mobilize testing sites to make a visit to the location of its residents, and administer tests at the rate that S. Korea does, Canada would have the unique ability to catch the disease in its infancy. Since we do have a relatively sparsely populated country, in comparison to its assets, swift mobilization could be ordered as a first line of defense. This needs to be done before cases start to overwhelm services, for the health of our civilization. This can provide accurate and meaningful data in real-time, as well as increase our preparedness for the next outbreak, as pathogens are continuously changing; so should we. We should be on top of our situations before an apparent need is recognized. Otherwise it results in the lack of…

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