10/13 Super Saturday

Super Saturday

So as they say, we have so much to be thankful for in this world. Well, as this time shall be reserved for reflection, to this I have many questions about it and what it really means. Today it shall be on the stages that we all experience as grief. Well, most of us experience it a linear fashion, Through denial to depression to anger and bargaining and finally, acceptance, as opposed to it jumping throughout and finally arriving at acceptance from a different order.


Some folks are early bloomers, some bloom later…. While some parish before it was even their turn. For those in the dark, may you see the light, for those who are disoriented, that you find directions. For those who have no desire, that you shall address the feelings of disillusionment and move towards finding motivation and your lustre.

As I see it, well from this blooming bundle. Though when one has a deficiency in any of the factors it takes to bloom, it may be delayed if it even occurs. From the vantage point of Jennavine, another within her system. Assigned here as a healer and to guide; though I am not here to lead your life for that is something that shall be reserved. Taking charge and growing is all part of budding, though perhaps you have what it is but no energy for you were provided the tools but never enlightened. Knowledge is power but experience is the vehicle that allows you to effectively use that power.

Small corruptions have magnifying effects. For one, overlooking a small detail may stunt growth, to a point that it has not developed in time to meet benchmark. When milestones are not met, then care must that accomodations be taken to facilitate one through a process. Corrections may need to be made in treatment plans, but keeping care to the needs, capabilities, co-operation levels and efficacy of therapy.

Knowing when someone in life is having a crises is a very important distinction to make. Paying care to that the other holds the right to participate, to choose or to refuse treatment. Once you have determined that keeping this person in your life is imperative meaning that you cannot simply cross them out and that it is worth the time and effort that will be spent on the other, then you must care for them in a way they will appreciate and find meaningful. Some people may never accept that they need help, which is the first part of acting change. If it is possible to influence them in making the connection, then the gesture is typically appreciated. If the person still cannot see it from one perspective, take a step back and attempt another means.

The more intimate you are with the person, the more impactful the efforts. Most intention is driven by emotions, either towards an incentive or repulsed by a punishment. Identifiying where a person’s motives are will greatly impact the impact of your approach, for instance people tend to be more repulsed by punishment so will avoid doing to avoid punishment and overlook the positive impacts that change has. People who have a stronger bias to avoid punishment may also be from a place of complacency where incentives become no more than a distant fantasy and the punishment is the only real experience, so the reasons may change despite similar actions. Those who drive towards reward tend to have a higher sense of self worth, integrity and tend to have more positive outook at the world and in development as they view that modification is a milestone rather than a glass ceiling. Sometimes, the glass ceiling is never broken, because one fears they will shatter far before this ceiling breaks due to achievement and success without resistance.

Having a close connection to the person will help you make the connection yourself. Come with an open mind and heart, have sincerity and conviction and know you are not alone. From deciding coarse of action to deciding if the journey is worth embarking on. Indeed, you have made a decision with conviction and shall be upholded. For those who are resisting the help, look into yourself and evaluate why you are acting in this fashion? Find those you are closest with to gain strength to trust and find solace in stability and allow yourself to bloom your own destiny.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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