3/14 Salica’s Saturday

Impulsivity and Desire – Tales From Within

Impulsive Desires

Imagine a scenario in which you were raised in an environment where meanings of impulse and that of healthy desire are distorted. How do I do that? Meaning is subjective and can be applied in varying ways often presenting itself as a double standard. How is it that everyone else can want things, but the line is drawn when there is the possibility that I want it too?

We cannot simplify or liken it to the act of sharing crayons, 🖍as it goes much further than that. We are sharing a life!

It isn’t every day that you cut someone out of your life.🗡 Every day I think about all the proverbial bullets that were dodged and with a sigh of relief, can go back towards finding a way to live as cohesively as possible without also incessantly being treated like a lightning rod or a doormat. It is degrading, and it is more hurtful to one self to allow yourself to be degraded. It gets frustrating as you put up all kinds of stop signs.🛑 What really disgusts me is that how others seem to insist on this toxic behavior and then recoils when I don’t react in the way they like.💢 Oh yeah, and I gotta admit I am guilty of some of these too but I wouldn’t say they are to the degree that they are onto me. Or sometimes I explode, I get into aura and I know that I would not be able to excuse myself from difficult home situations. I mean, I was thinking about it and possibly seen more negligence around me. I constantly am working on taking measures to protect against making these mistakes myself. It gets tricky at times as taking alternate measures could also be be mistaken as tactless. I would say it, but but it gets exhausting to keep wearing a mask around those you are either skeptical around for reasons such as negative reactions or that they are unwilling to understand and accept so you play a role until it is safe to leave. Acting becomes exhausting and you fear your true self will seep through the cracks of your mask.🎭 What if I act out? It is seldom seen as rational but it still begs the question why we have this desperate impulse when it seldom works in our favor?

Oh and it pains to say but there are so many more meanings to this. Irrationality is never ending; contrast that to the end in sight in the rational. Oh and to think, in and among all this madness, there are efforts out there that will pay you to get infected with COVID-19 and stay at home without contacting the outside world for a couple weeks.😷 Sounds like any hermit’s dream is to get paid to sit at home, as well as to help out efforts.👻 I mean, we should totally put all resources into our health, for this current outbreak as well as all other infectious diseases. ⛑Why stop here? Report the stats in the Census as it is also important to track these data. Is it really something to panic over or is it here to teach us something? Perhaps that we will always fear over the unknown because we are not sure how we could protect ourselves. 💥Freaking out about it only makes it worse as stress is another often overlooked killer. Panic wreaks havok on the immune system as it does with other body systems. Some are more prone than others and couple that with the common knowledge that those who are vulnerable often see the worst case scenario. Let the numbers speak for themselves, most people who get sick get better before they know it!💯 So allow yourself to see the best case scenario and be optimistic that it pans out. Better yet, make it a habit to hope for the best while planning for the worst is your best approach for peace of mind during difficult times.💡

πPie Partayπ

Fun to make, what are you doing to bake!?

Also…. It is Pie Day, it is the perfectly delicious dessert as it is my favorite mathmatics symbol! Oh, believe me however rational it is to be fruitful and multiply my πpie! And they say to go switch to degree mode when calculating because it is not rational to use radians. Alright, let’s get get carried away as we totally have all day. Well why not? It is a bright idea to have sum fun as it is in the name! Elemental symbol for Potassium, I am going to have a piece of pie while wishing everyone….

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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