12/16 Sum Sunday

➕Sum Sunday📆

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Well, this has been an eventful week. Well, for starters we are well into the holiday shopping season and for any of you who work retail for any number of years would tell you that that there is nothing new in the zoo and that it is the same-ol’ game. I got the closing shift, all the nights that I could be out working the 15:00 to 23:30 shift, I was. Yes, that is right folks I have full-time status in terms of hours and had Sunday the 9th off and Wednesday was slotted for my own personal holiday. Yes, December 12 is my special day and since I am the oldest also is the anniversary of my mother being a mother🎂

I am not getting any younger and I would much rather toast my 22 with some mulled wine, Vietnamese takeout (okay very last-minute this year and virtually no planning from either side) than work till practically midnight on my day. but as always, my mother made me the teddybear cake as our tradition. The last couple years, it was a booze cake with last year specifically had jelly shots with it. This year, we could not simply do one of two things, find enough candles or simply find a couple #2 to stick on the cake. Well, being that we probably had the same candles since I was small really does not help the burnt candles situation.

Right, I get it not really traditional, and depending on how you see this, you may not even see 22. The only wine i will have is the the one I can drink🍷as life is too short for whine. We have peanut butter and Saskatoon berry jam icing (💯 mom for that nod to Saskatoon, SK the place I was born) on a chocolate vanilla layer spongecake. On our very ad-hoc candle array, we put a 17, to say that then another 5 candles at random so in sum, becomes 22. Everyone, even the dogs serenaded me that night around the 23rd hour. Then, well we had canna edibles and finished the night with peppermint shots (everyone needs a little holiday spirit)

The following days, I am being showered in attention from work. Well, for one I feel like I spent more time there than anywhere else. Second, rumor has it I am engaged… Well, an associate saw what was originally intended as a promise ring from my beloved and told me it was too pretty to be a promise ring; that it was engagement ring material and immediately announced over our walkie talkies that I am engaged. Well, my true love did the one-knee thing and asked so I suppose some may say technically yes he proposed and well after staying with me through and through I was not going to say no. Also, it seems to be going in that direction anyways so I really do not want to say otherwise. My mom really is at that point where she is happy for me but at the same time having that sense that I am indeed grown and even though it has been a very long time since I was in diapers, I will always be her baby girl. Too soon, maybe… I have others ask when that big day is and I just keep saying “We do not know yet.” I do like the idea that I can call him my fiance, and it sounds much more suitable to the way the relationship stands as it is much more intimate than simply dating as well we are in it for the long haul and this is not simply a booty call!

Resolving Self

I do know that there’s nothing but time and the future is mine. I work most time for living, study when I can as readers are leaders, and this head commitee is as real as it gets. My van still needs an alternator, but that is in the works and I have transportation in the meantime. The silver lining of this is that I felt like a queen beccause I have warm car rides from friends and Mi Amour, and bonus of relaxing car rides and not having to drive. Plus I get to spend more time with those close to me and I do not mind the company. In other news, I updated my site again! You can visit it here! I have also completed the SuperFoods page and you can visit it by clicking here! On SuperFoods, you will find the MIND, BODY, & SOUL trilogy, as well as shopping and more information about each on their own product pages. You will also find our VitaliTEA detox tea and Slimmer, our exclusive weight management shake formulated with 9 foods that are proven to increase metabolism without the need for unrealistic diets, gym routines, stimulants or laxatives!

Speaking of detoxing, I pool a considerable time into planning for my future. I see one now, unlike before where I really was not sure if life is for me. Rather, living vicariously through others as I fail to find meaning in the actions that mean the most to others in my life. Well, being a person without one of those inherent preservation of life mechanism, I feel my life could end at any point and I really would not fight it, in fact there were times when it was invited when my mental health was in much worse standing. I had some phase in which I really was not myself; you may see Amy but when you talk to her, it is like hearing someone else. The extremes DID show its extreme side when I was was a Nomad. It could not raise any more red flags than the name being Shadow… Well, it was and he had his chance and he can in all sense go bug someone else. The woman the nomad thought he loved does not exist as she was fabricated as a charcacter to fill a role I initially thought was the one the universe gave me. I gave myself vertigo from the mental gymnastics and became my own imposter. Breaking free from that ‘storm’ was nothing short of liberating. This time, I feel like I was given a second chance. The chance I can really return back to the way it was, make everything right again. So it was, the distance has made me and my beloved grow fonder of each other, we picked it back up where we left off, without skipping a beat. This time, with a stronger pulse, life and plenty of…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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