12/27 Theme Thursday

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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and, today is a gift that is why they call it the Present. ~Master Oogway

Theme Thursday


To all Kung Fu Panda fans out there, yes I did indeed quote Master Oogway from the first movie. The quote is deep, that is thought provoking in the sense of how soboring the message really is. Do not get too hung up on history, yet if you do not learn from it and make changes, it is bound to recur. The power lies in what you choose to do right now that will shape the course of the future. The future in itself is not guaranteed so make everything you do valuable as there is only a finite amount of time we are afforded this ability, and since there is no set date as I am aware, I have 💯 life left and the rest of my life to enrich with a valuable purpose as anything outside of my lifespan is abstract. My life is my eternity and I have an eternity to create purpose.


The future is an abstract idea of infinite possibilities. Schrödinger’s cat experiment is a prime example of this, being that there are variables that if to occur opens another box to an alternate reality. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle also applies here as well as the sense that if the box was to detonate, and kitty detonated, if it was really the cat that activated it or if it was in reality had an external control. Well, in the much more pleasent outcome, the kitty being fine and continues to be our affectionate lovable four legged companion in never touching the explosives… Or so they say, the kitty could have sprayed all over it and the explosives really were not really explosives at all. You could find out and answer but that answer might cause you to ask other questions, to which an answer could not be produced leading to more questions thus creating more boxes with even more hypothetical outcomes. Behold, infinite possibility!



I have made the resolution at the beginning of this year to rid myself of the B.S. in my life. Anyways, my mother had a relationship with this person for 8 years. Over the years, we learned the hard way that he fits the definition of a person with Narcisistic Personality Disorder (NPD) to the letter. In fact, the relationship was exactly as you would expect: Sweet at first but once established, you could not add enough sugar to the bitterness of the situation. I have had several connections to several psychologists on here. Dr. Perry had been a fan of mine for several months now and at first I did consider signing up for his free consultation on his website. Like I was looking at the form while simultaneously battling the urge to cause harm to myself. The voices in my head went from normal to screeches… Then I became conflicted to the point I did not do anything. I did not fill the form, and I certainly did not hurt myself either.


Instead, now my mother is having difficulty with the idea that the relationship lasted 8 years, and lived with us for about half to two-thirds of that time. Anyways, we are in the midst of the discard stage and we were the last to know of his desires of moving out. In fact, I am writing this at my grandparents house and we are going back home tomorrow. Turns out the narcissist is moving out and was so childish to merely send mom a text saying that he is packing up his stuff and moving out while we are on our vacation and the only reason he even texted was that he found out we are returning tomorrow. He used a million cop-outs to excuse himself from a formal face to face conversation. He told other people in his life who are very likely to have their own laundry list of mental health disorders.

7 Signs of Narcissistic Abuse by Dr. Perry of MakeItUltra™ Well, if I can find his infograph…

*a few moments later*

Aha found it!

Click Here to visit MakeItUltra™

Again, thanks Dr. Perry. I may not directly need your services, but I know my mother is deeply hurt by it all. I have detatched all feeling and divorced myself from it to preserve my own sanity. My mother was the one who was most directly affected by the narcissistic abuse. I believe that if somehow, we manage to convince her to try therapy, that she would be able to help her reconcile with her psychological wounds and create an environment instead where healing is inevitable.


I purchased a bunch of fireworks last February with the pledge that i would spend based on my cumulative grade. I asked for it at the store, but it ended up rounding out to 💯. I did not end up using the fireworks but instead decided to save them for a much more fruitful event: Good Riddance Party! Oh and I guess dual purpose to light up with a hundred dollars worth of fireworks and my good riddance party is actualizing! The narcissist was flipflopping on the idea for years so I was giddy at the news that the he was actually packing.

We lost nothing, but he lost a family that cared, but since we are no longer feeding his supply and instead, we can put our energy into a much more meaningful cause. This year is going with a bang, perhaps like the Big Bang and while we are in the heat of the explosion, things will cool off as our lives diverge. Though will no doubt be an adjustment, and we all need to cope with these drastic and sudden changes that resulted over what is already an eventful time. I will not allow it to become the Hellidays, instead this brings opportunities with a whole new universe filled with…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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