1/16 Website Wednesday

Tags: #Website, #Health

Tags: #Website, #Health

Website Wednesday

You can always check out my website by clicking here. The xyz domain is a unique choice being it strays from the commercial domain com extension. Still as safe as ever with its top level encryption with SSL. You can tell if a site has SSL and is licenced as a safe search. Bright ideas never die!

Welcome to the place that we go on long detailed tangents about stories and other random facts

Alright, I was getting crack from my doctor. Seriously, there’s an opioid crisis and I was laying there in various positions getting manipulated and well science has this phenominom linked to the activation of my endocannabinoid system. There is great research to suggest that doctor of chiropractic actually being a safe and effective treatment. Alright, and before I get twisted for peddling drugs like crack… I would advise no such thing… Okay, opioid narcotics are prescribed quite regularly as analgesic and they do tend to go make lots of money on the black market because of how addictive they are. Then the war on drugs instils a simultanious fear and a forbidden fruit type effect on both the most vulnerable groups and still somehow manages to still allow the groups we wanted it to stop to enjoy a very lucerative means of life. Now, sometimes these things work and deters potential users, but at the same time creates this divide between its victims and those who use them as a vehicle to drive other heinous activity.

For the Record

1/16/19 Chart • Dr Mills, Shiloh Chiropractic


I have been going here for a couple years now, and I have only experienced the best of care at this clinic. I had to have x-rays when first intake. Well, they said my bones and joints were fine but the alignment was not. I had been in an accident and hit my side against the center console. I was able to walk away but I suspect I had only worsened my current situation with a new MSI I had to tend to. The other man was fine as well, and he was more concerned about my safety and he had a look of relief when I opened my door and went over to see him over by the ditch in his truck. Another passerby called the emergency services to handle the details of the accident scene, and it was a very common location for collisions. In fact, it is almost a regular sight to see remains of cars and glass litter that intersection. More notably, it was a week later STARS ambulance was dispatched there to handle yet another life threatening call. I often avoid that intersection due to its dismal track record. I can remember having my pulse exceed 200bpm, and pulse was a bizzare 140/60 which leveled to a more reasonable 120/80 as we arrived the hospital, paramedics confirming information we – being me, myself and I was already well aware of. I obliged to the evaluation on the grounds that I very well could have sustained internal injuries and having the warning signs masked by sheer adrenaline.

I experience sciatica at times (and and x-ray shown hip and sciatic nerve displacement) well, figures that pinching came from somewhere and it was a new pain other than that bruising in my ribs. I can also work at actually working with my kyphosis….. My spine subluxations and my cervical joints no different pinching my nerves in those regions. I knew about my myofacial pain points and there having to be chronic pain in >=11/18 and I being diagnosed with it with a steady 12 at the time of the evaluation when I initially got diagnosed with my fibromyalgia. After my accident, my chiropractor made a case that my entire body was a myofacial pain point and my body had felt like rigor mortis had set in.

I like to humor Mills each time. He also has quite the humor, and well, you guessed it… The typical scribe of a doctor… My body makes a lot of interesting noises, like a type of cereal well yep snap, crackle, and pop indeed. Well, okay its the code from my record. Insert joint puns here… For the record, he has had to use the activation gun on like 6 parts of my neck and another two in the mandible. He was joking about my holidays and I said to him when he asked if I had any quote on quote out of body experiences I simply responded you can say that I did. In the short time I need to get as much meaning across. Especially when I have so little time, so I stack meaning behind my words.

Setting my joints felt so good, like when you lay and align the points, and he said I actually was better this time and I told him about my magnesium rub. You see, now the conversation got interesting as he got interested in my stuff! We talked about the relationship between magnesium and how many have deficiency and in tandom with the low sun on the horizon and calcium. Seasonal affect can also occur, and care has to be taken to ensure that nutritionally all these needs are met. Staying balanced and he always somehow compliments me on my brilliance as this time he said to not go out and fry those wits. I gave him a gift card the last time before the new year and well, I would like to say that that it did not make it through! He is checking his junk folder like everyone should, do not throw it out, it is free money!


I have more gift cards than I know what to do with. Seriously, each time I order I get a bunch of gift cards, and am awarded for loyalty. These gift cards are each worth $25 and are redeemable towards anything in my store. Seriously, and for any of you who who want one, simply connect, comment, share and let me know! The power of duplication is strong in this one. So have…

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