5/23 Theme Thursday

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💲💱💲Know Your Worth💲💱💲

Knowing your self worth is the key to personal success. People in positions worth another’s fantasy actualize the understanding of their potential and demonstrates it to the greatest capacity. It may be difficult to start the path towards actualizing their value but once it gains momentum, you will realize it is habit and it becomes second nature. You will start to feel that taking on initiative becomes rewarding and the experience & personal development gained is simply part of the package deal. Some may be sharp, but don’t let that fool you as often it means that they have not done any work, but in instances, you may feel dull but you often gain strength, remember to sharpen up and keep going. Do not quit unless you are sure what you are doing is degrading your own worth. You want to build your dream, don’t exhaust yourself with building someone else’s when they neglect to value you for what you are truly worth.


I saw a slogan on a business that reads:

We charge based on our talent, not your budget.

I like the message that it sends, it shows that this establishment acknowledges its workers and it simply would not be without them. Another is that it does not tolerate any form of choosing beggars and frugal cheapskates that their prices are firm, we stand by our work and if you do not like it, then you are free to do business elsewhere. The confidence that this simple message states is profound; a clear quality over quantity perspective. I am aware that businesses close because they cannot pay their workers, but in saying that, the workers are the heart of the operation and without them, your business would simply not exist.


There are exceptions to every rule, I am the exception because I am exceptional. I wish to create my sense of value, I am not a doormat and to define that, I shall not allow others to simply walk over me. If you’re playing with me, you’re playing with fire. I’m not short changing myself so you can get a bargain, if you appreciate my work, you would make a reasonable offer. If you were in my shoes, how much do you think is reasonable?

Runaway inequality is sorely undercommunicated for how much an impact our society has. It is simply the mechanism that allows the rich to get richer while everyone else gets gets deeper in debt. We have a minimum wage but it does nothing in the face of inflation. Is it too much to ask of someone who makes more than they could ever need to provide someone who contributes to your ability to lead such a lifestyle a wage in which they could realistically survive on? Our greedy mentality has led to the conclusion that our society could not, as they use trickle-down mechanics to justify its mechanism while controlling the flow such that the principle becomes meaningless and values are no longer valuable. Morale plummets in unfair situations and such situations become commonplace that unfair treatment is not only widespread but expected. They say that beggars cannot be choosers, but this is continuously falsified. Companies are the largest choosing beggars in that they tend to be more interested in their bottom line than they are with the welfare of their workers in that they often find ways to cut corners in much needed areas and are keen on increasing the number of responsibilities while providing minimal compensation to those doing the most work. It doesn’t have to be this way, but as long as we continue to allow it to happen, it shall continue to be a part of reality.


We must be good stewards to our planet, for it is our only home. To truly actualize value, you must provide substance in which is precieved as valuable. A fair sense of balance is the cornerstone of meaningful exchange. If you give and take away, it creates a sustainable system. If you take but you never give, you simply leave behind a trail of destruction. How is it that we overestimate our intelligence when we are destroying the pillars in which support our very existence? How can we call ourselves civil when we leave a legacy of destruction? We must stand up to corruption and live according to our values every day. Together, we can build a better system, one pillar at a time.

Know Your Value Google Chrome Theme

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