8/24 Salica Saturday

😎➕Salica Saturday➕🗡

Having your career stunted by someone who cannot proof-read a simple note?

Cut that out!

The old boss was correct in one thing, being a positive cheerleader! How you may ask? A positive cheerleader for me to advance my career elsewhere. I thank you so much for having me realize my passions and that I do deserve much better!

I have not only done this a few months ago, but I have again got a significant boost. Now I have realized this again as I was handing in the notice. I thanked them of course for all the skills and support over my 5 years’ tenure. During their Final Clearance event shall mark my own final clearance! I spent the equivalent of my penultimate paycheck from them back in their stores on loss leaders using gift cards I was awarded from leading the store sponsored charity.

It went a little like this:

At first was nervous and dreaded the confrontation but all anxiety evaporated and sheer giddy joy was what remained.

Me: *walks into bosses office with letter in hand*
Boss: Hi Amy, what can I do for you?
M: *hands letter*
B: Oh for me? Its not even my birthday! Do I open it now or later?
M: Open it when you like, you must accept it.
B: Oh *opens* What? You’re resigning? *looks shocked*
M: Yes, I am *reassures her that I can work 31st when I said last day was 29th*
B: Oh, why? Did you get a new job?
M: Yes I did!
B: Oh! Where?
M: Westview LTC
B: Where is that at?
M: Stony Plain Hospital
B: Doing what?
M: Nursing Attendant *grins ear to ear*
B: Was that what you went to school for?
M: Yes, and Administrative Professional, I was all over the place. *still smiling and animated*
B: *she congratulates me and acts all happy*
M: *walks out smiling and almost skipping*


I was interested!

Not maybe interested… REALLY interested! Maybe they wouldn’t be looking for so many people.. But when we are perpetually short, everyone gets burnt out, morale plummets and nobody even wishes to stay. I promised them many more years of tenure and have aspiration to eventually work towards a managerial position. Boss later shot me down and said while pointing with yardstick “I do not meet the standard on some of these points.” or conducting myself in line with company values. In my opinion, she is a pot calling the kettle black so I broke out in a form of masked sarcasm and said “I can totally see how a leader that does not follow company values could be detrimental.”




Customer Satisfaction



Open Communication

Mutual Care and Respect

The company core values, though they do have many other values as well. The way you express these values may also be subjective. If the boss is a poor role model then how would you ever model anything other than poor results? I realized how jaded I had become and that not having hopes and dreams ultimately make you easy to control. I was told I was threatening because I expressed my desires. I never make threats, only promises and I am only actualizing what I had initially promised.

In a place that also values safety, I can see the irony in this and many areas in which there is opportunity for growth, including the stress we experience to meet standards. A stressful workplace is never conductive to safety. I would like to think of myself as an honest and fair person but systems should have been in place that proper training is in order to follow best practice where operation is second nature and is natural and simple to follow. I don’t deserve to lose sleep over it, why should I? When I am simply a pawn working towards their dreams, they are not losing sleep.

A few of my fellow workers are begging for me to stay. I simply said “I thought about it.” and it certainly would have been a different story if I became coordinator. “But I decided against it, I don’t have much reason to come to SG anymore.” (initials to city) as I live in the country past the next town over where the hospital is located. That job was scarcely worth the cost of commute and my time, next up is the prospect of my own experience not being conductive towards my own development. Their values never changed though now the way they are interested have. Well now it has basically lost its value to me. I’m not one to waste myself on fruitless endeavors, and I’m not going to squander my time on medial tasks. It has been decided, and I’m firm.

I hold two college certificates, which people tend to forget this fact. Including those whom I have had to remind several times and each time watch their dumbfounded reaction each time in conversation. I have secured this position, and I am moving on. I wish to continue my studies, and use my credentials but if it is a company decision against promotion, then I shall stick with my personal decision to pursue my career elsewhere. I see far horizons, and plan to be there long term as they are my first choice. They are a versatile employers and values its workers, safety, accountability, compassion and those were care for. Students are welcomed and is conductive for me to continue my education so I can expand my scope of practice and improve the quality of care that I can provide.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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